Saturday, June 12, 2010

Emir & stickers

Pejam celik pejam celik, Emir is nearing to 4 years old, he is no longer a baby that he used to be, of course to me he will always be my baby. 2 3 tahun lagi dah nak masuk sekolah. Time flies, we are getting old. I may look like a makcik now, orang yang first time jumpe will straight away call me Kakak. 

29 June 2010 is Emir's 4th Birthday. I am planning to throw a small birthday party for him. But not too sure where and when, most probably somewhere in July cos we are pretty busy in June. My cousin is getting engaged next week in Grik and the following week, we will attend Mr. Husband's family day in PD.

Sudah ade theme in pikiran ini. huhu :D, hopefully everything will go as planned.

Anyway, nowadays he loves stickers and he will stick all over his body. and you know, some stickers gam nyer adalah sangat kuat.. sampai kene gune sabun ape bagai baru nak hilang.. 


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