Monday, May 03, 2010

Sneak peak what did I do on the stage.. :)

Seriously and honesly I dont have any pictures during my performance, neither I took any pictures of other contestants as my heart beating really fast. I could not think any except to finish the performance as soon as possible. But , let me show you these were the stuffs that helped me to cheer the audience.. :)

 And yes, did you see the lucky no 12 :)

Apart from the BIG prize that I won, I also received two goodie bags courtesy from Starworld and CIMB Bank. Thank you so much, you know how much I love free stuffs. who dont kan.. :)
Anyway, today I restarted to teach Emir to stop my title as his milk bar.. Ponatt dah rasa.. I know I didnt constantly teach him, sometimes it depands what will happen tomorrow, usually he took few hours to sleep on his own and that is the reason I just breastfeed him, cepat dan ibu dia pun boleh tido ngan tenang. If not, tomorrow gonna be one hectic morning.

So, I used my own idea by applying the butter on my boopss and as usual.. oh before that, I do received few emails from my readers telling me that, letak butter is farrr better than letak jamu or whatever and it is an excellent idea. To that, thank you for the compliment. hehe

And this was our conversation just now.. 

"Ibu, I smell something not nice"
"I dont know, it is sooooooooo not nice"
"Oh, i think you didnt brush your teeth thats why kuku Ibu (thats how he refers to the "milkbar") smelly"
"Oh ok.."

Huhu, tipu sunat kasik halal lah, and I managed to snap few pictures when he was busy figured out where the smell came from..

But after an hour, finally.... tidur lah anak ku sayang :)



unlisted_one said...

alahai, seronok tengok Emir happy macam tu. So dia tak dpt figure out la bau tu dari mana? hehe

mama zharfan said...

pic yg last tu mcm touching plak..

toughcookie said...

ish i selalu suka tengok Emir's photos. he's got such a lovely smile and nice skin la.

hehe... kena emphasise on the semua orang suka barang2 free kan sebenarnya. of course... i pun akan suka jugak :)


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