Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My First Visit to Victoria Station

Yes, after 28 years of living, that night was the first night I stepped into Victoria Station. A BIG thanks for my sister in law and of course the driver, Mr. Husband and my sweet little Emir to dine with me. It was all started when my SIL accidentally forgot my birthday, which seriously I didnt mind at all, she asked me what I want for my birthday, I just told her I just want to have a good food (ok tauuu entry sebelum ni kate n ak diet kan huhu, ni kasik can la erk, sebab birthday girl), so she asked the WH question WHERE? So, immediately Victoria Station slipped through my mind at that point of time. and yada yada she agreed. Off we went to Victoria Station at Damansara.

Husband said, "kesian dia, orang tak pernah bawak pergi Victoria Station", heloo darling, i tak kisah pun.. tapi i kisah kalau u tak nak ikut i pi LA :p *wink wink. Penat tau muke tak malu email email ngan sponsor ..

Ok back to the story, the dinner was two weeks back, of course before the H1N1 case. FYI, we were totally quarantined yer and tomorrow will be my first day to work after 8 days of not working with unpaid leave (help me if you know any statement from any minister saying that majikan could not use any unpaid leave for quarantined), as you know, I am still under probation.... To me, how much you dont want your child to "kene". that is how I believe other parents "tanak anak dia kene", common laa even parents, the mosquito bites pun can be your worst enemies.. yes, I am paranoid.. 

Ok for the second time, back to the story, we were really having a good food, gaining a lot of kilos, a lot of fat at one night, sian Mr. Husband, penat je manjat bukit hehehe. Let the pictures speak..

Picture taken by my Emir

The drinks

The starter - Nachos

Emir's meal - Fish and Chip

Ibu's meal yang salah, they gave me Rib, I wanted Sirloin, anyway mine was Victoria steak

Papa waiting for his meal

Finally, Papa's meal, Mushroom and cheese steak

My SIL's meal - Sizzling steak

Yes, my son lovess vege

Feeding time 

Emir's lucky day to eat this big ice cream

Papa punyer..

Belongs to my SIL

and luckily,  Emir has someone to entertain him so, I could enjoyed my meal...

Helooo neighbour hehehe

Lets play car!!

Orang belanje kite balun je lah kan :p
 thanks SIL for the dinner..



mama zharfan said...

wah..bestnya bday girl dpt mkn kat only once mkn kat sini, tu pun disponsor oleh my employer masa i keje kat UOB about 8 years back huhuhu

BabyBooned said...

fuuyooo mencabar keimanan. now i feel like having a big fat steak


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