Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me as a mother on the Mother's Day and the much awaited cheque from Nuffnang has safely arrived

to be exact, on 9th May 2010, I had my first experienced running a small booth at 1Superkids's Family Day. It was fun, but I will update about it later ya.

Why I love Mother's Day?
Even though I believe Mother's Day should be celebrated every day, but I should thank to whoever person came out with the greatest idea by giving us, the mothers a special day to celebrate ourselves. Ok fine-lah, tak banyak bexe pun, tapi at least kan..

On my side, Mr. husband has spared his time on Sunday to be with me the whole day (walaupun masih degil tak nak ikut orang pergi LA) assisting me to entertain the customers. Thank you even though I knew he had to cancel his plan to conquer the Bukit Tabur again and again.

Why we are so special??
Ok, answer my question :)
1. Who can bear the pain to deliver one lil caliph? sometimes two sometimes three, four , five??
2. Who has the energy to wake up in the middle of night for our little boy / girl?
3. Who has the superduper energy to do all the house works despite she is having a bad headache at the office??

I know the list continues but since it is already 2.01 am, my mind has stopped working and calling me for my bedtime. So peeps, ini je lah.. from Emir to Ibu (Mother's Day at Emir's School)

Emir tak nak bergambar.. so ni je lah the best.

hmmm. nape teacher Emir kasik card mak peluk daughter

Inisde the card, also received a bracelet and a flower tissue :)

and ohhhh.. received this gift from Nuffnang for Mother's Day


To all mothers, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY



mama zharfan said...

happy mother's day!!! wah..ribu raban tu hasil nuffnang ;)

ashra said...

Happy mother's day,mira!
Emir jadi anak yang baik ye,sayang...

This is .... said...

Happy Mother's Day..
Berapa ribu lah agaknya ya.. :)

Iryani Noor said...

happy mother's day to you too babe!!
moga Emir jadi anak yg soleh ya...

BabyBooned said...

happy belated mothers day, dear!

ape la cikgu tu patut bagi emir gambar mak peluk son. heeehehe

JOELY said...

mira, xterjumpe ko pon ms mysuperkid mkn2 tu....jumpe ur hubby je..xtahu pon ko buka booth....melepas nk kenalkn aqil to emir..:p


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