Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am not in the mood to update

Seriously I am not in the mood to update.

Something bothering me, I know there is some people who is so mean. but until what level that you can tolerate and understand that he /she is a mean person. Obviously, I am not strong enough to listen word by word that easily came out from them.

And at times, you are alone. People can simply say that you cannot cope and always complaining, and that's what left you behind. People are laughing but, I am sitting at the end of the corner looking at my future. Wondering whether time can talk and tell me what will happen next. Struggling with your headache seems your new routine.

Tomorrow is a new chapter of uncertainty. You do not know what will happen next. please, tell me tomorrow is a good day, but you know it doesnt seem to be my day. My oh my.. Clock is ticking, but you trap in between.

But I will continue not to talk about this to anyone. and i know that is what makes people smile. 

and yes, Life is beautiful.



mama zharfan said...

mira, we cannot please everyone..just dun bother about those annoying people...after all u are not begging money from them pun kan? ceh..mcm paham2 jer i tulis komen ni :)

mummy_ayu said...

relax dulu dear...buka setiap hari kita in a good mood, ada hari yg kita bad mood gak...apa pun semoga hari ceria cepat menjelma...tak eur time!! apa pun ..yes!!!
life is beautiful!!

toughcookie said...

oh i tak tau what you're facing but i agree with the rest here that you tak payah bother about what others say. memang it will disturb you at first but continue to focus on everything good in your life and you will be fine, i guess.

take care, dear.

ujie said...

just lead ur life as the way u want..n not what others' want..u can see..u can hear..but its not necessarily to be followed...u just follow what Allah wants u to do..
hehehe..mcm paham jek masalah ko mira but byk2 sabar ek..


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