Sunday, April 11, 2010

If I am Ip Man master, I would …

based on the eyes of 4 years old kid...

IP Man master gives this GARANG face..

BUT If I am IP Man master I would give this GARANG face..

IP Man master jumps on the table with confidence and style

BUT If I am IP Man master I would jump off from the swimming pool with bird's style. Imagine that I am suddenly appears from a pool of water to frighten the enemies.. hehehhe

IP Man master would practise and practise to maintain a sharp and powerful skills

BUT If I am IP Man master, I would constantly use this weapon to fight, yes I will call this as my "Magic wand" ehehe

IP Man master will use anything around him to protect himself

BUT, If I am IP Man master, I would just throw the ball straight to someone ball hahahahah

IP Man Master would fight his heart out

BUT If I am IP Man Master I would fight my heart out to get back my toys.. :p

As a combination

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~ ReD ~ said...

comel! good luck ;)

Kami said...

Nice, pandai anak buat kung fu...comel :D

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