Thursday, April 29, 2010

I never knew that my son is one of the statistic in H1N1 Second Wave

Personally, I always have this instinct, wherever good things come in sudden it will follow by bad things and how true this is at this particular momment. After screaming high and low winning the grand prize, on that itself I rushed to the nearest clinic as Emir's temperature was really high. I could feel that his body was burning his shirt, unfortunately on that day, the paedtrician clinic was closed so we had no other option to choose the GP.

And that day itself, this GP was really testing my patient which apparently my husband told me that I was not professional. Anyway, to shorten the story, btw, his face sebijik macam Prof Madya Mohiyideen tu..Ok, at first he was asking me few common questions, (i.e. what happened to Emir etc..) until suddenly, he asked me whether we have an air con at home, and I answered yes, then he asked again, when did you switch on the air con, i just answered during at night, and he questioned, why not during the day, (at this point, I still keep my mouth shut but dalam hati "heloo ko nak bayar ke bil letrik rumah")

Since Emir is one tough boy who seriously hate ubat, so usually I will ask the doctor to feed him with medicine first and NORMALLY all doctors will not comment anything, but this GP gave me one uneasy face and started to "teach me" something like this.. "you know last time, our parents also push us, you have to bring him out like going to klcc's playground and slowly feed him with medicine" mase tu i seriously rase "helooooooo, b0d0 ke ape anak aku demam, ape jadahnyer nak bawak gi klcc", but again, I still keep my mouth shut. Emir was on the bed (alaa kan doktor selalu ade katil tu) while I was sitting on the chair, and he told me to "go and stand next to your child".. ok fine.. I THOUGHT that GP yang akan bagi ubat, but nope, it was the nurse but after several attempts he still refused so I just told the nurse, I would feed him at home. Then this GP asked " So how?" , I answered "he refused, I will give it at home' and this was where I couldnt stand this GP anymore..

He gave me this one look, with a pause, with slightly shaking his head and staring at me. As a mother, I felt like the doctor was telling me that first, I dunno how to take care of my sick son and secondly, I am the one who causing him to get sick. So like a bullet shooting on my head, I raised my voice and said 

"why you give me that look, tell me why you give me that look, what are you trying to say" and before I started to go crazy, Mr. Husband politely touched my shoulder and said "Sudah sudah sudah" and of course, unlike my husband, I wont say thnak you to this doctor and never I will pay a visit to this clinic again.

So that night was hard for me, Emir's temperature was not getting any better, he kept coughing and he looked so weak. I was nearly to go for EL but thinking that I am still a newbie and we are in our last round of peak season and Mr. Husband was free on Monday, so I went to work while Mr. Husband brought Emir to see his paed at Damai. 

Mr. Husband and Emir spent the whole Monday at my mum's house and Mr. Husband told me, Emir was still weak and not as cheerful as usual. On that day, I only managed to see Emir at nearly 10pm, I felt so guilty right now. You know, one of the thing I hate this consulting firm (either new firm or old firm), is that the long hours we have to bear, in my case, we only have one car, and usually hubby and Emir will wait for me instead of going home first. So they will spend the next few hours kat shopping mall ke ape ke and this is where my son is getting expose to the outsiders.

And that Tuesday night, I spent the whole night taking care of his temperature, the ubat seems nothing to him, Mr. Husband and I were taking our turn for the night shift, and Emir's temperature was really really high and he continuously coughing and he too could not get a good sleep. Sedih mase tu tok sah cakaplah, only after 5 something, he stopped coughing. He even refused to eat and drink milk.

and honestly both of us terjage around 7.50 which was very very late for me to go to my work, I told Mr. Husband, I am not going to take any risk and I just wanted him to get admitted, so Mr. Husband asked me to go to work but I refused, I wanted to listen what the doctor said about Emir. Nasib la boss nak marah ke ape kan..

and tak tau kuasa ape, on the way to the hospital,, Emir was back to a cheerful boy and while waiting for his turn to see the paed, he was being himself. Mr. Husband asked "macam mane ni anak nampak sihat", and I just said "jumpe je lah, alang-alang dah plan nak jumpe, kalau tak de ape2 just mintak doktor masuk kan drip je lah sebab tak makan ape pun semalam"

Doctor decided to go for H1N1 and Denggi test which we agreed and while waiting for the result, Emir akan di dripkan.. Emran was away after that and both of us were so sleepy and we slept around 2 pm and at 4 pm the doctor came to the room and woke me up and ...

"Papa Emir mane"
"hmm ade bad news sikit lah"
 -- jantung dah debar dah..
"Emir positive Influenza A, tapi 80% weakly positive, nasib you bawak dia awal, so dia baru betul-betul in early stage, doktor kene tengok dia sampai 5 hari nak tengok macam mane progress dia, in a meantime, both of you kene quarantine lah, tengok dia punye white blood cell dah turun, ( while pointing to the report) ERS (am I right??) dah tinggi sebab bakteria dah start serang dia. sebab tu dia demam tak kebah-kebah)

Immediately after, I dunno how to react, yang mira tau mira nangis jer.. sungguh I ni lemah sikit.. Why him? Where he gets it? So I called Mr. Husband, my father and my SIL and cried cried cried.  Emir just looked at me. Why I have to win the Grand Prize if only I have to witness him like this. 

But for H1N1 and even for the denggi, child antibody is far better than adult, Alhamdullillah after few prescription, Emir was getting slighly better, at least his fever is gone!! but one thing, nak bagi Emir makan ubat.. masyaAllah, Tuhan je tau macam mane nak bersilat dengan Emir, muntah tok sah cakap la berape kali sehari. and yesterday, he started to have his first heavy meal and later in the evening, dah nakai balik dah, but his movement was very limited due to the drip.

Eating his meal

Both of us have to eat this Fluhart (antiviral) for 10 days consecutive days as a protection and I told my immediate family not to pay us a visit. But my parents came and I warned them to wear mask. I have limited access to the Internet for me to browse what other alternative way to cure this disease. and yesterday, Emir get back his sleep.

He is slightly better today except for coughing, and he told us that he had this pain at his bladder (of course lah dia tak cakap bladder kan), but the paed said it is due to water consumption  which cos him to pee frequently and may cos a slight pain at his bladder.

And this is where I want to share with my readers. My office doesnt provide a medical benefit for spouse and children and Mr. Husband is a governemnt servant and of cos he is only entitled for a treatment at governemnt hospital but we chose to admit Emir at private hospital (Damai Melawati) as the paed is checking on Emir since he was born. and all this while I thought Emir has an insurance paid by Mr. Husband, rupenyer tu insurance lain.. Ok, so we have no other option unless to pay. and we honestly put a cap until RM4K+ saje.

And of course, the medical cost attact our attention and we constantly asked how much the estimation of the medical fees. So ubat anti viral tu saje for 3 of us dah RM750.. and this second day, the bill has gone up to RM3K+, remember, we suppose to stay for 5 days. So I dah mule gelabah la kan, ni baru second day, I asked Mr. Husband nak kene transfer ke Sungai Buloh (only Sungai Buloh accept H1N1) but we were quite reluctant, sebab Emir ni baru mild je H1N1, kat sane kene campur pulak dengan hardcore kan..

And the paed understand our situation, I asked her which one is better, we treat Emir at home under her supervision or transfer to the government hospital and the doctor agreed for the earlier with the condition we followed ALL the medical instruction.

Emir was really happy to be back home and he was so excited when the doctor took off the drip (bukak drip ni dah lame dah, pagi lagi) and even more excited when the nurse opened his bandage. I could foresee it is a good idea for Emir to come back to his crib. He was cheerful, nak nak dapat tengok balik Playhouse Disney dia.. slightly easier to take medicine but for us the parents, we have to carefully took all the instruction especially in mixing his antiviral. The doctor reminded us kalau Emir demam, kene cepat2 bawak jumpe doktor. and of course the three of us will be quarantined for one week. and even my emotion pun is stable compared to when I was in the hospital. and the bill RM3,116 kot but around that la. not sure. still boleh la but waaaaa tu budget nak pi LA jugak , tak pe demi Emir ku sayang.

So lesson learnt, please buy a medical / life insurance for your kids and urself too, you dunno when you need it cos not everyone of us work with a Company which extend the medical benefit for the spouse and the children. So sila bertuah ye kepada kamu-kamu yang ada benefit itu and PALING PENTING, ANAK DEMAM JE JANGAN TUNGGU.. bawak je hospital...



tifa said...

Alahai ..siannya..semalam Tifa pi spital pun ramai yang warded H1N1....take care ye

Em's Family said...

Thanks :)

mummy_ayu said...

ala..sian nya emir kena H1N1 but lukcy dapat tau early stage..apa pun take care & get well soon ye dear!!

im_an_ibu said...

takutnye dgr... get well soon emir!!

toughcookie said...

alahai... takutnya i. i cannot tahan bila tengok toddlers masuk hospital. kita rasa helpless sangat. anyways, take care ya. hope he gets out of it soon.

** atie + aisyah ** said...

OMG... emir... moga cepat sembuh... sian emir.. nasib baik baru early stage.. dunno wat to say.. sedih tgk pic emir...

ashra said...

emir,get well soon. aunty ash doakan cepat sembuh,ceria slalu k?
miera,jgn sedih sgt ek?insyaallah..emir pun kuat cam mama papanya.

unlisted_one said...

isk, I rasa nak nangis aje, sian kat Emir..

Mira jgn risau ye, demam dia dah ok kan. Insya Allah dia nak cure dah tu.

Jgn sedih ya, nanti Emir tengok mak dia sedih, dia pun susah hati nanti.

mama zharfan said...

semoga emir and ur whole family cepat2 sembuh yer...aminn

mommy nazeef said...

cian emir...sib baik dah kebah! semoga ibu, ayah n emir ceria semula..

Mommy Lyna said...

emir totap hensem!

*ntah apa2 makcik ni

Em's Family said...

yang pentng semua semua.. anak demam jer.. kalau boleh bawak la jumpe specialist.. its not that i didnt trust GP, tapi selalunyer the result sangat la berbeze..

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

Nasib baik that GP tak jumpa saya. Kalau tak, merasalah dia penangan mulut lazer cabai berapi dari saya. Is that GP still young? Maybe dia jadi doctor bukan sebab minat, tapi sebab mak ayah pushed dia. Maybe juga dia stucked kat government hospital sebab scholarship, otherwise dia plan nak private practice aje, tak payah jumpa patients banyak-banyak. GP macam ni dah banyak saya jumpa. Dan dah banyak kena lazer pun dengan saya.

Saya ajar Mira how to give that GP a pay-back time. Ambil Emir's report positive H1N1 tu, bawa pergi persembahkan kat depan that GP. File a formal complaint to his senior doctors. Buat bising-bising sikit depan nurses and other patients, so that that GP lose his credibility.

Doktor macam dia, bila involve in malpractice or unethical practice or incompetency, yang akan kena sue ialah government, he can walk away just like that. So better give him a good reminder now, than later.

Oh, saya memang mean!

kirana said...

nasib baik cepat mira...
aisya aritu pon buat blood test tuk denggi n infuenza tu..dia belum amik antibiotik..white cell blood tu tinggi sket tak admit la..just bagi antibiootik jer..dia dah ok..

moga emir cepat sembuh

nizafauzi said...

omg mira.. terkejut bukak2 blog mira tgk emir da kene.. nasib baik baru early stage.. takut betul..

sib baik da ok demam emir.. take care ya!!

~n0rliza 0thman~ said...

terkejut tengok title entry ko mira..
btw, harap2 emir segera sihat ..

Em's Family said...

Asiah: kalau ikut hati perempuan kite, memang mira dah mean dah mase tu, tapi nasib ade Encik husband suruh kite cool down, doktor tu dalam umur 30+ umur dia tak pun early 40. so macam mane orang senan nak percayakan GP, lain yang sakit, lain yang dia diagnose,rase macam everytime sakit, kalau tak sakit perut tak pun demam itulah jawapan standar, bagi ubat pun ubat standard. but i agree banyak lagi GP kat luar sane yang cube usahe nak tolong pesakit, sebab satu kuman macam ni lah yang kite marah sangat ngan GP

ana: dah ok dah si emir, keyword dia kalau budak demam cepat bawak pi doktor, kalau rase demam dia tak kebah-kebah, budak budak tak macam kite orang besar boleh bagi tau sakit kat mane and ape bagai

niza: ha ah early stage tapi perintah berkurung still kene, so for the first time ever after 5 years keje, ni lah first time dapat cuti on 30 April hahah

liza: yes, it can happen to anyone kan.. so elak lah bawak anak tempat yag ramai orang ..


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