Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emir's Sports Day

was held on 16th April 2010, where Ibu has been "forced" to take my first half day leave with the Company. But anyway, it worths!! The event was fun of course and the best part, Emir won the game.. 1st lagi gitu. He has set his mind that he MUST be the First to reach the finish line.. and yes, he made it!!

Bravo anakku sayang.. and few teachers informed us that Emir now is wayyy to different compared to previous years. He is no longer one shy boy as now he turns to be one active boy. Very very active, sampai tengok dia tak dok diam..

I tried to upload video but unfortunately the stream-mad is not cooperating, so, I leave you with few pictures ya..

Seahorse class.. Class Emir.. 

While waiting for his turn..

Sempat lagi pose..

 Emir before the game started

Emir in action.. Emir yang paling depan nun haa.. dekat dengan kon kuning tu..

The winning smiles...

Father's game.. the musical chair..

Errr... my husband aka Papa Emir patahkan kerusi :p

The prize giving ceremony

"You cannot see mee"

The champion..

With his proud Atok

With Ibu and the principal



BabyBooned said...

kekekekeek i cannot help feeling tickled lookin at the picture of your sporting hubs patahkan kerusi. priceless sungguh!

the kindy looks like a really good place, mira, u made such a good choice!

mummy_ayu said...

encem sungguh la emir...congrats menang dalam sport day!

kirana said...

kekekekkeke...adoiiii emran buat lawak tul...hahaha lawak2..mira sempat snap tu..mahai tu gambar tu :P

tahniah emir...teror dia dpt no 1!
berbaloi bapak jatuh kerusi tu :P

Em's Family said...

BabyBooned: Oh ya, i pun nak dekat lupe sebab gelak lebih.. nasih ade satu gambar i sempat snap

Mummy Ayu: Emir says "thank you auntie"

kirana: ha ah dia buat lawak depan bapak mertua lagi kekeke

Fakhrur Razi said...

comel2 ^___^
bestnyer dh ada anak XD


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