Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our child is actually US

Since we were young, we always heard the elderly "scared" us with "dont be rude, later your child will be even more rude", ok, or something better like "dia hensem, sure anak dia lagi hensem"..

but I did not see where Emir inherits our beauty huhu.. ok ok back to the story..

Everytime I take a closer look at my son, I could see US in him. and sometimes it is funny to see him resembles our habits. As he grows as a young boy, I do witness double of US in him. How time flies. and not to forget sometimes I might say Emir is a master imitator. 

And sometimes don't you think your child may accidentally revealed your dark secret? and that is why to me, letting your child to be in the kids talk show like Tom Tom Bak may put you into danger. I remembered watching one of the show where this young lady with full of expression told the audience how her father fart when passing by her, and aiyoo I could imagine how the father felt at that time..

As for Emir, err should I share the funny part?.. hahaha.. but I think I can just show you this..

and oh, ini adalah aksi saya duduk ok, tidur atau dapat kerusi best tak de orang, kaki mesti diangkat macam ni.. haha



Siti said...

hahaha...comei jer dak Emir tu...tu tgh tidur ker?

Em's Family said...

tak tengah m ain game dekat phone hehee


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