Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I am officially unemployed -- for now


and today is the first day I could wake up in the morning and think NOTHING.. absolutely nothing. Informed my husband to just let Emir stayed at home with me (aka ponteng sekolah) since the mother wanted to have an extra sleep kekeke..

So, woke up around 10 am with of course Emir besides me. Automatic, searching for the laptop and continue blog hopping. well, I just love blogging, dont you know that. Update my MALAYSIA Giveaway, with 2 long entries and few normal entries. An hour later, Emir woke up, also, tried to get the laptop from me. I just ignored him crying and continue blogging. Prepared his breakfast and made him occupied for an hour. 

While Emir played his helicopter's game, I played Emir's handheld game, got lost again and again. Bored. Then lying on the bed, I know by then I should prepared lunch for Emir, but I was justtt plain lazy... until Emir asked me

"Ibu, I want nasi lemak"

Ok, times up. Masak nasi, goreng telur, rebus carrot, and fed him. That actually took an hour, then kemas rumah sapu sampah. (itupun satu jam lebih). then forced Emir to watch Mickey Mouse and I was on the computer again kekeke.. Mandikan Emir, watched Akademi Fantasia last season..

Later in the evening, Mr. Husband came back, prepared dinner for everyone. Menu: sambal sotong, bendi ikan bilis and ikan tongkol. After dinner, was on the phone with my dad and Napisah.. then blogging again.. layan Emir layan Emir dan layan Emir... sekarang ni suke betul dia color2 sekarang, satu buku kadang2 hari tu jugak dia nak habiskan

Wahh.. Indahnye Dunia :p


Sent the Farewell note to everyone
"Dear All

It is with mixed emotions that I send this e-mail.  As some of you may be
aware, today is my last day with the Firm. I would like to sincerely thank
each of you for every experience shared, friendship made and good times had
during my tenure here. Honestly, my absolute privilege to have known each
one of you.

In a simple words, for each of you who have contributed to my life journey
in ***** & ***** for the past 4 years 5 months in one way or another, I
thank you very much and wish you All The Best for 2010 and beyond! My
sincere apologies if I have offended anyone along the way.

I can be reached at my personal email address ( Do keep
in touch ya..

Warmest regards

"Whether I be far or near, may I hear only good news of you all.".
"May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, May good luck pursue
you each morning and night."

Am I happy? Yes, cos I dont have to do another unpredictable compliance's cycle with unpredicted people :) but sad to leave my peers as we are very close to each other. I hope Amanda reads this entry, as I honestly touched when I hugged you babe. Hope you dont miss me ya :p.. I always on FB for you.. :) and just got to know, ramai orang yang tawu kewujudan this blog.. Good and I dont feel regret at all. At least I speak on my behalf.

Ok i donno im soooo  big :p

Faidzah caught me with W**** M*****, seriously girl, I could not remember as you know, I was too excited to leave kekeke.. and I accidentally forgot to forward an email to Ai Huai, itulah sape suruh nak buat transition meeting on my last day right heheheh :)

Saying goodbye to my Big Boss was such an easy conversation since I did not lie to her that I am going there (the competitor). The conversation?? nothing much, just what I predicted what she would say. But I am happy, at least one fine day if I bump into her, I am not afraid to say Hi and Goodbye :)

So after 4 years, finally I managed to clear up my workstation..

 Naz, nampak tak tempat you jadi ape :)



Iryani Noor said...

gud for u babe..
time nie la nk bermalas-malasan btul2...
u deserved it..
bestt nyer kalu aku pon dpt lepak2 kt umah macam tuhh....
so bile start keje kt tmpt baru??

im_an_ibu said...

wah, bestnye dok umah for a while. i br je masuk ofis dah asyik teigt kat umah je... enjoy ur time!!!

toughcookie said...

seronok kan spend time with your hensem boy? take care and good luck with whatever plans you have next.

Em's Family said...

yani: best giler, kalau la aku kaya.. tapi kaya jadi malas pulak kan.. aku start 15 mar

che ah: eh, at least u get more than 2 months leave kan.. ni kejap jer.. lepas tu bzzzzzzzzzzz sangat

toughcookie: seronok!! tapi hari ni i hantar di pegi sekolah.. :D kalau tak melekat jer..

unlisted_one said...

alahai,..bestnya..teringin sgt.

Em, i dah link kan gambar u kat entry tu..hehe.

im_an_ibu said...

hehehe... i mmg slalula terbersyukur... huhuhuh

Naz said...

heh.. not my place anymore la babe.. ;p


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