Thursday, March 11, 2010

Emir's Art Class with Ibu

So, I bought this drawing set for Emir at Toys R Us since I realised lately he loves art and coloring..

Considered cheap, only RM19.95

That night itself, he started his art class. Emir was so excited to see the brush and the water color. 

But, before that, he was so eager to use the sharpaner.. (sampai kontot pensel tu)

First he drew this rectangle and painted it..

He called this artwork as "Beautiful Rectangle"

Then, he started to draw the plane. We discovered that Emir has this drawing talent during our last visit to Malacca when his uncle bought him this "lukis dan padam" -- dunno la orang panggil ape. We were quite surprised to witness this hidden talent.

Color oren tu mak dia yang color, the rest Emir buat

It didn't end there, Emir asked me to find three round cups as he wanted to draw Mickey Mouse. Ini semua adalah gara-gara tengok Playhousedisney. But instead of saucer and cup, I gave him whatever circle near to us. I have been instructed to hold the circle tightly so it didnt move.

Emir first attempt of drawing Mickey Mouse. Cuping telinga yang besar belah kiri tu mak dia color, sebab lambat sangat hehehe..

and I just feel proud of my son.. :) 



Syana said...

cutenye emir...kemas plak tu kerjanya.. umi ameer dah buat cam ni, dah beli kaler.. mula2 dia kaler ok, tak sampai 5 minit, "umi, umi buatlah, ameer penat" argh.. cemana nih....??

Wansteddy Tales said...

uwah... dah nampak ciri-ciri kreatifnya tu. kalau rajin asah bakat melukis lagi bagus. kembangkan dia punya imaginasi, insya'allah :)

.:HalogAmora:. said...

tu dia emir, sungguh sungguh! good emir, keep it up! kids are normally so excited with coloring activity.

unlisted_one said...

wah,..beli kat mana colouring set tu?..i like!

Mira tolong email address kat ya..nak send hadiah u.

** atie + farid + aisyah ** said...

wah.... emir ... pandai... gud boy!

BabyBooned said...

ooh he's really good! i wish gibran would obediently colour within the allocated lines when i instruct him to!


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