Friday, March 05, 2010

Alice dalam Mimpi

As I mentioned this morning, I watched Alice in Wonderland with Yannie - the organiser of the contest together with her friend at Mid Valley. Thanks yer, naik segan sebab depa ni student lagi huhuuhu.. Yannie, gambar ngan Mel tak de pulak, salah tekan erk :p Anyway thanks again

Ok, if you wish to bring your 6 years and below kid to watch this movie, I strongly advise NO as there is a moment which is not suitable to be watched by a kid. If you think goblin scene is fine, then ok lah :p, but yes, it has that scene in the movie. I dunno but to me , I dont think I will bring.

best ke tak?
Again, it is very subjective to describe. If you ask me personally I might say 50-50, maybe Alice in Wonderland is lacking of surprised elements but the characters are more surreal, tambah-tambah dengan 3D la kan. Fine, I didn't read the book so I could not compare on the adaptation to a movie. So dengan kata lain, sila keep your expectation reasonable so you wont be frustrated okeh.

I was thinking Alice is falling in love with Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp).. almost there but tidak hehehe.. oh i just love the twin fat boys character.

But there was one man in the cinema who fall asleep and snoaring ya. Menganggu pun iyer kelakar pun iyer..

After watching the movie, I went for a window shopping cum shopping spree. Mothercare ade sale ya kawan-kawan, sampai  70%, 3 shirts for RM25.  Whoever has a child below a year old, the sale is totally yours :)

Ok, I had Popeyes Louisiana for my lunch, My first taste of Popeyes, selalu nak pergi tapi Emir dok tak moo sebab nampak McD kat depan.. my comment, the mashpotato OK, coslow OK, scone pun ok but no jam, if only they have strawberry jam, sedap punyer..but the main dish, fyi I had this ala-ala fish and chip but it was very disappointing.. Too salty.. masin la sangat..

It has been a while I didnt go for window shopping alone, bestnyer jadi surirumah yang tak bekerja tapi ada duit :p



eiryannie said...
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eiryannie said...

hehehehe~~sowi akak, td ingtkan dh tersnap gambar akak ngn mel tu..hehehehe~~nasib baik gambar kite 2 ader...

erm...cepat akk wat en3...esok la sy wat, if sempat...internet connection mmg slow sesangat..tu yg wt sket je tu..nk post comment ni pon take time ;)

BabyBooned said...

jadi surirumah is seronok...?! oh tidakk...

nasib baik u warning toksah bawak budak. thanks for the heads-up

Em's Family said...

tidak ke?? hehehe i ok je :p sebab baru seminggu kan..

tak yah la bawak.. anyway i cannot find the word, it is not goblin.. it is u know, orang dulu2 potong kepala pakai kapak tu.. orang panggil ape aaa.. that thing laa.. i mean ade scene tu.. not goblin kkakakkaka... baru perasan


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