Friday, February 26, 2010

Self conflict

I have a lot of things to do this weekend but unfortunately Mr. Husband is not here with us during this weekend. Yes, he will be going for another photography trip to Pahang. I have wedding to attend that I had already RSVP, I have bloggers family day to attend which I had confirmed my attendance, both on Sunday.

Ok fine, for the wedding, I can always leave Emir with my parents, but for the Family Day, hmm let see, I promised to cook Nasi Goreng for the event, wat laa kan..Emir on the other hand can becomes very handy in the morning and during the event, he may be too active where I could not take my eyes off from him. So, is it another family day for me? as I may spend the rest of the event taking care of him. Hmm.. usually hubby and I will take turns but since Im going there alone, I may not have  a chance to chit chat with my other bloggers friends. And the best part, who is going to take pictures of US???


Let me figure out how.. 



unlisted_one said...

its ok la, we can always take picture beramai-ramai what..lepas tu tukar-tukar gambar..hehe.

BabyBooned said...

ish. sounds challenging. hope all goes well tho. good luck, hun.

JOELY said...

that's the sacrifice mums would do..mums need to think of how to manage and enjoy stuff like that beforehand..nnt mmg end up we got nothing but only penat...dun weri Mira...u can still enjoy the event!!! good luck!!


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