Friday, February 19, 2010

Orang Melaka, tapi tak pernah ke sini and tiket ke Japan RM1,250

No, im not exaggerating but that is surely the fact that I am rarely go to Malacca's town even though my husband's hometown is in Malacca. Fair enough, the main point we are going back to Malacca is to spend quality times with my in laws aka Mr. Husband's parents. Udahlah jarang balik yer, lagi mau kamu berfoya foya..

But, from my school days until now, Malacca has dramatically changed into more happening town and one of favorite tourists' spot. Lots and lots project are coming in to Malacca and I just cant wait any longer to witness the Malacca International Airport which actually 5 minutes away from my in laws house. Any special routes? any special price? Just wait another year I guess..

Oh btw, do you know that JAL has this special promotion where you can purchase a ticket from KL to Tokyo with just RM1,250 (all in fare). For further details you may visit: Honestly if I would have an extra money, I dont mind to visit Japan again.

Ok back to Malacca's story, last long weekend, I mean Chinese New Year break, we were in Malacca. and my oh my im telling you, the crowd, the traffic adalah sangat sangat teruk. On Sunday, my SIL asked me to accompany her to go to Standard Chartered  to bank in some money. SC is located in Melaka Raya, ok Melaka Raya is situated in this busy busy street, in the middle of the town.



So, we had no other choice but to join the trails. Goodness, the cars were not moving at all and we were stucked in the traffic jam for more than one hour (usually takes around 15 minutes to reach there). Ape lagi, luckily I just grabbed my iPhone and snap some pcitures from the car.



Melaka maju jaya ok.. No wonder tourists love here, there are so many things that we can do and the best part, most of it are within walking distance. Im just wondering when will Mr. Husband brings me to these places especially the cruise and Menara Taming Sari. Bile bile bile bile.. jawapan klise yang selalu di beri adalah.. "alaa Melaka jugak" hah.. tak pe lah, naik Star Cruise terus la kan kan kan..

Speaking about the cruise, have you watch Pisau Cukur?? Those who dont, I recommend you to watch, bet you will be surprised with the film, well, it is not Prof Madya's movie, so please go ahead, one of the new fresh idea from Malaysian film. Fazura, she is so beautiful and did a very good job but isn't she herself adlaah sangat gedik jugak hehehe :) but anyway, she is good. Maya Karin?? I personally think that Fazura done her job better than Maya..So sila lah tengok..



Iryani Noor said...

Back in 2007 & 2008 aku slalu la p melaka jenguk Faiz time die kt MRSM... mmg seronok jln2 kt ctu.. sonok shopping sbnar nyer.. tp skrg nie dgr2 dh ader river cruise la, eyes on m'sia la.... mesti lg best.. bile la nk p sana lagi..

.:HalogAmora:. said...

yep! m'cca has changed a lot except for the garbage everywhere haha! i recommend you to take the cruise at night and oh ya, the jonker street too. you can get the traditional nyonya kuih along the way.

Mummy Rizq said...

Aloo.. how come I didnt bump into u last wiken?? What I like about Malacca (my hubby's home town jugak) is the food. Its marveles!! Murah plak tu.

Em's Family said...

Iryani: aku shopping kat Mydin, mesti pergi Mydin, sebab Mydin kat situ senang nak parking.. kalau kat KL jangan harap laa kan

Halogamora: u stil lhere.. err bile u nak authorised i masuk u punyer blog??

Mummy Rizq: yeah, the food, husband i punyer family kalau makan seafood sure pergi Anjung Batu.. sedappp!!

Anonymous said...

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.:HalogAmora:. said...

mira: blog i dah open to public lah. lama dah, haha


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