Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kenduri kawin Nur Syuhada Daud & Saiful

Attended my current colleague - (:)) Syud's wedding yesterday. The sun shines brightly which allows us easier to find the location. Even lucky, we managed to park the car in front of the guardhouse. To Syud & Sepol (as what I always heard Faidzah mentioned the names) Congratulations and yes, marriage life is interesting.!! Welcome to the club..

With the couples and Faidzah with a note: Sila abaikan tudung saya yang jatuh itu :p

and actually, all of us were really hungry as we havent had our lunch. Even our Emir pun sibuk cari nasik, and he ate the nasi minyak with the egg since the lauk were quite spicy for him.. but for two of us, two thumbs up for the foods even one makcik at our table keeps saying "Eh sedaplah, kene simpan tisu ni"..


Anonymous said...

good, i just brought tons of new emo backgrounds on my blog

mommy nazeef said...

psssss....dah dapat keje baru ek??gaji pon lebey masyuk ek??kat mane eh?bile mau open table?? ;p

Em's Family said...

norish.. ha ah alhamdulillah ade keje baru.. boleh laa dari gaji sekarang.. dekat mane.. err tak leh cakap but yang pasti bukanPETRONAS.. derang kan dah tanak kite :)


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