Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feeling Good

Yesterday, one of my kaki  has ended her journey with the firm. I personally happy for her but didnt feel sad to let her go .... since both of us are going to the SAME place after this.. Coolkan.. dah lah baik lepas tu dapat tempat sama-sama. 

Dia belanje I, I belanje dia dekat Al-Rawsha (p/s AGAIN!!! :p)

and we didnt order separately.. perasan boleh habis

First time rase Barbican ni..

As may be some of you are aware, I will start my new path of my career at another accounting firm. Same work same stress but at different environment. When I first got the job, both of us were hiding from everyone, mane tak nyer competitor kan.. Mr. Husband has reminded me not to tell everyone, but yes, hiding is not good after all. We were too tired to answer "kejap lagi you all tau laa" when people asked "dapat keje dekat mane". We didn't lie but we were not ready to inform everyone.

But yes, the news has spread out and MOST of our colleagues have known where we are heading to. Of course we received different reaction but surprisingly ALMOST are agreed and think we did a good choice especially when we may receive higher pay laa kan.. 

Up until now, I am not really sure what to expect, and I dont know how the stress level gonna be, but part of me keeps saying that everything gonna be ok. Yes, I desperately need a new environment after all. Mereka-mereka tidak tahu ape yang saya rasa.



Naz said...

eh!! mcm rupa i jer tu.. y am i frowning in that pic.. haha.. sedap sgt kot lamb tu.. :))

mommy nazeef said...

sedap nyer makan....nyum nyum.
macam kat kedai @ cyber lak.kedai tok arab.huhu..
eh, until now i donno u dapat new job kat ne...PWC ek??

Em's Family said...

Naz: sebab sedap sangat kot lamb tu..

Norish: ha ah dah tukau keje, nanti off record mira cakap erk company ape


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