Thursday, February 11, 2010

Al Rawsha Restaurant

 Bittersweet memories.. yes that's it. but let me just keep it to myself. :)

Anyway, on that day, I asked my father if he was craving for anything but of course having a superb cook in the house (my mum), he had no answer for my question. 

 I had promised myself to treat the whole family for dinner to celebrate my resignation provided that I got a secured job offer. And Alhamdulillah, my prayer was answered.

So, since my father had no idea for this, I sugggested whether we should go for steamboat or Arabic Food and he chose Arabic food and yes, my first choice of course-lah Al Rawsha. 

 It was quite easy for my father to find the restaurant (first time for him) but not for the carpark to us. The  bungalow is too big enough but still it doesnt accommodate the hungry customers and the rows of cars.

And, the funny part was, I was assuming that my mother would call my sister, Jiji for the dinner, but luckily on our way to fetch my another sister, Che Yah, I called Jiji and unfortunately she didnt have a clue for the dinner. But the best part, she was already there with her in laws.. hehehe...

And we ordered Masghut Rice (ok I couldnt excatly remember the menu :), 2 Mandy Lamb and another 2 Lamb Kabsha and being us, semua LICIN.. 

and pathetic me, I brought the drinks from outside , to be exact Soya drinks hahaha, I know if I allowed my siblings to do so, they would order the most expensive drinks that may cost RM100 in total and I was not willing to pay RM100 for drinks. hehehe Sorry adik adikku.. 

Anyway, the service was pretty disppointing, we ordered Lamb Kabsha after our initial meals and we only got the foods after nearly 40 minutes of waiting. And I am pretty sure they are lacking of waiters.. 

common Al Rawsha, start hiring, dont let your customers frustrated with your service.



BabyBooned said...

ee bestnya. i've heard so much of this rawsha restaurant tapi tak pernah try. must try soon lah. was the service that lousy? aisey.. turn-off lah camgitu

Em's Family said...

kene try.. sedap..!! tapi kalau ramai servicenyer ade macam sikit itu tak best laa..

Anonymous said...

good blog.we've been to ar-rawsha once, it is true they have poor service. We got kids with us, and we arrived at 12pm..but got the food more than 40mins later. the waiter (i think is the head waiter) is soo not friendly. we could hear him shouting to other waiter saying how he is not happy with some customers etc. I think ar-rawsha should look into this.

mummymer said...
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Anonymous said...

Al rawsha..i think this restaurant give fast service only arab customers, to local they tend to act dumb after taking orders the waiter just pretend to be buzy. Eventho the food is good but the heart sick of having to wait almost an hour for food and 30 mins for drink kills the joy immediately. Either u have a patient heart or you tend to end up swearing. The owner seems to just ignore and tend to act dumb with the dozen of crowd. I had twice bad experience there, the 1st, after an hour of waiting of they finally told us the lamb mandy were finish and 2nd incident, another 45 mins of waiting but the arab next to us seems to be getting everything..To locals i would say...FORGET AL RAWSHA RACISM..JUST GO TO RESTAURANT THAT RESPECT AND WELCOME THEIR CUSTOMERS

Anonymous said...

owh.. really bad service ke? hmm
i'm planning of taking my family there this sunday..

thanks for the review.

maybe i'll swith to saba restaurant then..
i have tried d one in cyberjaya.. service ok2 je.. during lunch hour food was served within 15mins.. ok la kann.. price pun no t bad. chickedn kabsah rm15... and d serving.. mak aiihh.. mmg tersandar kekenyangan..

Michael said...

Tersinggah here while looking for Arabic food. Wadi Hadramawt in KL is pretty good environment and service. Went there recently.


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