Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today..and remember the day

Today.. I am officially will be left alone in the office..

sad of course I am sad. Usually people we called us as 3 stooges.. In the middle of the week, Pisah has finally served her one month notice and today Naz has tendered her resignation.

Honestly, I am happy for them but at the same time my heart couldnt stop shouting... "stop, can we go together".. you know the reason while I am still there..

Just a short note to these beuatiful ladies..

- Pisah, remember the day when you were accidentally asleep when Anuar and I were busy searching for the missing Form at 4am
- remember the day when you console me when I really bogged down on my bonus
- Pisah, remember the day when I console you when you at your lowest motivation after your broke up
- remember the day when we sneaked out together to go to the warehouse sales
- remember the day when we enjoyed our lunch together gossipping and bitching..
- Naz, remember the day when both of us enjoyed our Japanese food
- Naz, remember the day when we shared our sad story on how people treat us together
- Naz, remember the day on how we "help" you for your interview..
- remember the day when we were freak out to call super mad client..

and the list goes on..

It has been 4 years, 4 years we were growing together and realized that some people are intelligent, pretty, brainless, arrogant, and heartless..

Anyway, friendship never ends. we do have Gtalk, YM and Facebook and you guys can always visit my blog kan..


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