Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tak Sedar diri di RedBox The Curve

It was my first ever to Redbox, before this I just insert RM1 for one song and nyanyilah sorang-sorang.  So, our office organized this lunch party at Redbox on the basis that we will mix around and the important part, to utilise the butdget for staff allocation. Usually we just went for makan-makan but this time, we decided to go for karoake.

But with a condition that everyone must sing!! and hell no, having this sweeeettt voice, I wont share it with anyone. I have given thousand and thousand reasons why I should not sing and why I shouldn't taking part in that singing competition.. ended up, my colleagues getting fed up with me..


orang kate dah naik shehh kan.. or setan banyak :p first Naz grabbed the mic and she started the "show". FYI, dia pun same.. tak nak tak nak tak nak.. tapi over.. after one song after another, I finally touched the mic and gave it a go and even took part in that so called singing competition.

Of course, yours truly kalah but yeah we are having so much fun, anyway, the food was not so to be proud of. The four season prawn was tasteless and the chicken chop was spicy.

Ini adalah menu saya.. nampak je sedap

All Pictures are courtesy from Juliet's Album :)



jojoe said...

i pon slalu gi karok dgn opismet masa keje dulu.. chinese, indian.. malay.. pastu nyanyi pun campur2.. my chinese fren siap nyanyi dedebu cinta ok haha.. i miss them ol.

btw lawanyerr tempat ni.

Em's Family said...

itulah my chinese friend siap nyanyi nora di persimpangan delima.. but yeah, i think once im not there, i will be missing them as well


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