Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mixed Feeling

At first, I want to update and participate in Friso Family Day Out (post entry) contest  but unfortunately there is something distract my mood and I stop to update. I know, by rules of a wife, I should be in the kitchen preparing for lunch now but Im here stuck in front of the computer and accompany Emir watching Special Oso.

Sometimes you thought that blog is the channel to express your feeling, but in reality, unless you private your blog, there is no way to tell everything especially when your readers are among your family members and bosses. Dont get me wrong, I am not in the middle of arguing or fighting with Mr. Husband, no no,.. this is something else..

Well. enough said if Im tellin ya that I have this mixed feeling when I see my colleagues leaving the company. Happy and sad.. Sad because Im losing one friend after another and happy for their new upcoming life.. So you may guess what is the "thing" that mess up my mind..

Till then..



jojoe said...

u hv hinted the thing before.. hope u will find a solution.

BabyBooned said...

aww. ksian you. its alright dear everyone's entitled to negative feelings every once in a while.

what u said about privatising your blog is so true. a lot of times i have SO many personal things to say but i cant say it because nanti the inlaws or friends or somebody will terasa pulak. oh well...

Em's Family said...

jojoe: ya, you may guess.. :)

BabyBooned: the best part, my father pun read my blog :) dia macam personal advisor, peace peace baba


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