Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Jom Makan - Sushi Tei

This will be my last lunch outing with Pisah. Pisah has been a friend of mine since I first joined this Company.  We were the two buddies who stick to each other everywhere we go and now she is leaving the Company. Honestly I have this mixed feeling, happy and sad at the same time. Happy cos she is being offered far better job and perhaps better environment and sad as I will lost one kaki to chat with.. sad sad sad

How I wish I could join her now now and now. Im just tired ..Reality as the name it is.. Enough complaining as no one will listen to you kan as they might think their stress level is much higher than what I  have gone through..I know I am just a slaveee driver..  Enough said, Im not happy to be there anymore -- wahh pengakuan yang sangat berani :), shot the bullet instead of being FAKEEEEEEEEEE in front of somebody else..

Back to our lunch outing, Naz, Myra and I decided to treat Pisah today and we chose Sushi Tei. Myra, new staff, and she is a Pakistani... itu hidung mancung tu..

 And this is Naz, lepas ni kami berdua je lah..

The Menu: Garlic Rice with chicken - RM9.80. I didnt taste this but Myra said she satisfied with the food. She was not so adventurous to try any weird food heheh

 Unagi Kabayaki - RM14.80 and this is for me. Yes, I love unagi but I couldnt finish it cos it has this eelll smelll hehehe..

 Jumbo Yakitori - RM9.80 hmmm.. chicken with soy sauce.. I will rate this 2.5 out of 5 stars..

 and I actually had two rolls of Soft Shell Crab and this would be my recommendation here.. :) well basically wherever I go to japanese restaurant, i will ordered this soft shell crab.. and it cost RM6 per roll

Simple sushi - this white plate cost RM1.60, ok-lah..

Teriyaki Steak - RM15.80, not bad and if I have option between unagi and this steak, I will choose steak 

I must eat with the rice, must must must.. :) and this steamed rice cost about RM2.50 per bowl..

Sekian terima kasih


BabyBooned said...

the soft shell crab tu nampak so meliurkan. urkk.. and its 2 a.m. now and i'm hungry..!

Iryani Noor said...

babe Soft Shell Crab tu cam bestt jer... kt mana kdai nih?? ehehehhe =p

** Perfect Love ** said...

waa sy tak pandai la makan sushi. mmg kuno kan ;-p

NKD said...


Thanks for the lunch and thanks for everything..;-)

Aku doakan yg terbaik untuk ko..we can still chat via gtalk..

Em's Family said...

Baby Booned and Yani: emmm sedapp nyum nyum, dont mind to have another round.. yani kat Tropicana Shopping mall :)

Perfect Love: Saya pun tak pandai jugak, diajar oleh orang2 kat ofis :)

NKD: sob sob.. no worries

OnitaSPedrosa said...

Happy New Year~~!!!............................................................

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

makanan jepun ni memang tak tertelan la dik tekak melayu ku ini.hehehe


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