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Japan Trip - Day 9 - Ameyoko Ueno and Ginza Street

25 November 2009 - Note: sorrylaa cerite tak habis lagi

After the DisneySea trip, the next day we were pretty exhausted, so as usual we went out quite late. Of course, my SIL suggested us to go to few places but we decided to go to Ueno. My SIL's driver told us that Ueno is a good place to buy souvenirs or foods as it is quite cheap compared to other part of Tokyo.

But before that, my SIL treated us for the best unagi in town (based on SIL). The shop is located 5 minutes walk from Malaysian Embassy at Nakamegoru. and the shop is really small and hidden behind the building. Small, I mean it was just the size of my third room (heheh untuk sapa yang pernah datang rumah i lah)..

Emir tried his first experience using the chopsticks. Emir enjoyed the food especially the soup - minum sup cara orang Jepun tu, tapi papa nya tak de pulak amik gambar mase ni.. sibuk makan..


and yes, I agreed, the unagi was soooo yummy...


Source: Mr. Husband's flickr - purple color -

Unadon or unagidon, a donburi dish with sliced unagi (eel) served on a bed of rice.

At this restaurant @ shibuya-ku (near Malaysian embassy), there is a lot of mountain pictures.. when asked.. we found out that the owner loves climbing.. all the mountain picture in his restaurant is taken by him during hiking trip.. with a canon camera.. orang gunung jepun.. even though he spoke little english and i didnt speak japan.. we understand each other quite well.. hahahha (with my sister as interpreter of course.. :D )

Here also i learn how to sip the sup ala japanese style.. more like drink the sup.. :D

Here, this dish cost 1000 yen.. around RM 37 .. among the cheapest around in town..


My wife & my son standing in front of the entrance to ameyoko cho (ameyoko street).

Ameyoko is a busy market street along the Yamanote line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Station. The name "Ameyoko" is a short form for "Ameya Yokocho" (candy store alley), as candies were traditionally sold there. Today, various products such as clothes, bags, cosmetics, fresh fish, dried food and spices are sold along Ameyoko.

During our visit to tokyo, we went to this place twice especially to the shintani shop where we bought some nicely packaged nuts as ole-ole to our family in Malaysia and also few boxes of pisang kaki (persimmon) :D .

What you may find here!!
yes, absolutely the food, and we found the best pistachio here at this shop!! even my FIL said "rase dia luar biase"

Japanese are known fan of all kind of seafood including octopus. Here in ameyoko street the environment is very neat and clean including the package container and product packaging with nothing leaking to the pedestrian street. Something our pasar basah and pasar tani/malam has to learn from them.

 The only Halal shop at this street, one kebab cost 500 yen approximately RM15.. and please scroll down to see one hungry toddler..

 Mule-mule Ibu suap
 "tak leh jadi ni, ibu ni lambat sangat, makan sendiri lagi bagus!!"


Then we decided to go to Ginza street to shop for the handbags, remember those handbags I mentioned in my dolu-dolu punyer post.. and tell ya, Ginza is a very modern city where you can find almost branded items at your walking distance. Anyway, I didnt buy any branded handbag for myself.. Dapat pergi Jepun ni punnn dah happy


I couldnt remember why I use Dior as my background picture..


Then we saw this crowd of beautiful ladies queuing  and TV stations were there as well


Up until today, we didnt know what Hermes has offered on that day..


Okeh, end of Day 9.. sure korang dah boring cerite Jepun tak habis-habis :p


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