Monday, January 04, 2010

Japan Trip - Day 8 - DisneySea, Tokyo (Part 2)

Lets continue with Part 2 of DisneySea. Did you know that DisneySea is only available in Tokyo, which means we only have one DisneySea in the world. But honestly, DisneySea is more suitable for adults as this place is much more relax and peaceful.

After we watched the Dream Cruise performance, we rushed (again running) to Mediterranean Harbor as another performance has started. Well, I was the one who took the picture since Mr. Husband was carrying Emir..


 Can you see Donald Duck and Daisy Duck??

And here is the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

On our way to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Experiencing of 10  minutes of submariner's job. If you go to Disneysea, this will be one my recommendation :)

 But along the way, Emir sangatlah takut.. and picture above was one of our view

 The seat.. and the journey :) Emir didnt dare to move!!

Later, we went to Mermaid Lagoon but unfortunately we were late to take an official photo with Ariel. But anyway, we couldnt too as Emir cried on the way to Ariel's room.. yeay it was quite dark .

Since Ariel's was not there, we were lucky as there were no queue at all!!, Those who have children, Mermaid Lagoon is the perfect place for your little ones especially for the girls.

The lighting were too colorful and Mr Husband didnt snap many pictures here.. katenyer "gambar tak cantik"

 Mermaid Lagoon from far far far away..


The final fireworks and live performance of the day. Found out that we have lost my SIL's Mickey tag which has been worn by Emir. My SIL collected the Disney tag and she really taking care of it.. takut gilakkk mase tu..

Cari cari tak jumpe, and we have no mood to proceed with anything. But thinking the ticket that we have paid, so we decided to go to Arabian Coast

And for me, the Magic Lamp Theater performance is the most exciting adventure in DisneySea.. 3D show and Emir was amazed!! kagum dia..

 The Arabian Coast at night! While Emir went for a merry go round ride, Mr. Husband was searching high and low for the tag but still, the result was disappointing.. Lame jugak la tunggu Mr. Husband cari..

So, we went to Lost and Found Department.. and Alhamdulillah someone has returned the tag to the Lost and Found Department, I think if it is in Malaysia, sure dah hilang..

Anyway, my SIL once lost her favorite glove (sebelah je) at Disneyland and reported to the Lost and Found Department and the next two weeks, my SIL received a parcel from Disneyland with the missing glove inside!!

 From and to Disneysea, we have to take this Mickey monorail to and from Maihama Station..
 Left right up front centre adalah Mickey..


Yes, it was raining on the way back but not as cold as it was when we were at Disneyland.. :) and Emir again.. as one happy toddler...

That's all for Disneysea.. Sekian terima kasih..

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wow!sy sgt teruja....kak mira ke sana by own or package?


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