Sunday, January 03, 2010

Japan Trip - Day 8 - DisneySea Tokyo (Part 1)

I have abandoned this little trip diary for quite some time due to laziness in uploading and editing the pictures..

So, hell no, Disney Sea trip must be part of this blog no matter what.. Anyway, it has been a month since our last trip to Japan. Where the time flies??

We visited Disney Sea on 24 November 2009 after checking the best weather for that week. My SIL told me that Disney Sea we gonna have more walking as the playland is quite far from one to another as compared to Disneyland.

And yes, we found the perfect day..

Taking pictures at the globe. my SIL said that it should be our MUST have picture as she wanted to compare who owned the nicest map + globe watsoever. The globe is moving, and the water is splashing, so it is on our luck to get the best picture, we couldnt wait since they must be someone waiting for their turn..

And when we entered the main entrance, we heard the announcement that the mini parade had just started, without waiting no time, we ran (serious lari) to find a good spot..

 Goofy from our view..
And the Chipmunks. Have you watched Alvin and the Chipmunks?? Emir loves it very much, terkekek ketawa but errr. he told me he loves the Chippetss (boys will always be boys :))

Next, the Gondola.. One thing at Disney Sea, the queue seems no where to be found except for the most attraction places. and Gondola ride is not one of them..

 This is how the Gondola looks like.


 I love this pictures.. Candid from mr Husband

Walaupun mengerah tenaga mendayung sampan, tapi pekerja Jepun sangatlah senyum dan siap nyanyi lagi ok

Next - New York Taxi, it took almost 10 minutes for a short ride.. hehe..

until Emir easily get bored because it was tooo slow..

Then we watched Big Band Beat, the Disney live performance and we understand with effect from November 2009, tickets must be first obtained from this special booth and the seat is allocated based on luck and lucky us we got quite nice view seat..

Unfortunately, camera was not allowed but hehe being Malaysian, doesn't we love to break the rules

Then, we tried the Classic Mickey Mouse train

The train is like a monorail, so while we were on the train, we saw that the American Waterfront performance just started

Yes again, we rannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn from the train point to this waterfront.. Penat penat..

 But when the came nearer, suddenly bateri kong!!!

 One happier toddler..

 Proud Papa and his son

We queued here at Leornard's trail (something like that lah), treasure hunt for the visitors, while we lined up, one staff came towards us and informed that it was not advisable for us to take part as all the instructions were in the Japanese language.. hehe

So, ape lagi Eating time - home made nasi goreng hehe



One of the clue for treasure hunt was here.. and Emir was happily in his own world..

 On pirate ship


 Emir and Ibu


 Saje saje


Turtle Talk is the most recent attraction at Disney Sea however, the turtle talk in Japanese and we didnt understand a word but Emir on the other hand had a good time.

watching the Dream Cruise Performance..





To be continued..


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