Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Invitation by Nuffnang to Premiere Screening of Tooth Fairy

I was invited by Nuffnang for a Premiere Screening of Toothfairy. This was my first invitation to watch a free movie from Nuffnang after I have  participated in a small mini contest organized by them. I accepted the invitation even though the screening will be on the first day of the week - and definitely the Monday blues will be there. But since I have watched the preview and saw some cute kids in the movie, so I was pretty excited to bring Emir along.

Unfortunately my usual Mr. Husband has forgotten that he needs to attend a discussion with few lecturers in one hotel in city centre, so I decided to drag my SIL but she got some work to do so fine, I invited Naz to tag along and she agreed.. Pheww..

taken by Emir

The plot of the movie is indeed simple, a guy who doesnt believe the existance of the toothfairy and loves to discourage the youngster's hope. Fairytale comes into play, Derek Thompson (Mr. Rock) has been sentenced for two weeks for his disbelief in killing youngster's dream.

having dinner

And the story begins when he tried to adapt his position as a toohfairy. I must say this movie would not bring any Oscar awards but it brings laughter and joy. It was hilarious and I can fairly say that the crowd would agree with me. Emir laughed at certain parts of the movie and unlike The Princess and The Frog, he managed to watch to the end.

In the movie with Naz

If previously we knew Mr. Rock with his serious character, then this movie will show the other side of him with big smiles, warm character, joker and pretty gentleman la kan.. But anyway, for me, the Rock is not my attraction, I am attracted to that cute little girl..

while waiting for Papa at One World

p/s Naz thank you hantar kan i kat One World. Kalau tak takut jugak kat area One U tu.. semua gambar dari kamera I bukan dari lensa DSLR itu..



Iryani Noor said...

waaa best ekk citer nihh... dpt gak gelak2 ilang kn stress... nk p tgk gak la nnt =p...

toughcookie said...

geram i tengok your handsome boy nih... sangat hensem :)

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

Ya Allah...handsomenyer your Emir.....gambar yg menang tu tak menampakkan kecomelannyer sebab muka nampak sikit jer.....gambar nih, kecomelannyer terserlah!!!!!

Em's Family said...

Yani: best.. lawak lawak bodoh hehehe emir pun bantai gelak jer

toughcookie: sekarang dah potong rambut dah..

ummi dania yasmine: ooo thanks for the compliment.. :)


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