Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Having a Kakak

As the eldest in the family, I could not deny that sometimes I often be my parents favorite - sila jangan jealous wahai adik adikku. But apart from that, the responsibilities of my parents lies in my hand especially when there are not around. I am in the front line to make the decision after my parents and sometimes I would be the mediator among my siblings even though they actually try not to break the story to me as mulut KAk Long sangat cepatttt jadi CNN to my parents hehee. Of course in the middle of this, I admit that I am such a bossy girl but at the same time si lembik yang cepat kesian dekat adik adik.

FYI, I am the eldest among SEVEN siblings and since I was young, I have countless experience being the baby sitter especially to my youngest sister - we are 14 years of age different. and living in the big family, we always look for each other and so not used of staying alone. Ayat-ayat macam "wah ramai nyer adik beradik" adalahh sangat common.

I remembered the day when people did the headcount when they passed by our car, FYI, it always be either 9 or 10 of us in that Volvo car and at that time I dont think MPV was already in the market or they would give cheeky smile when all of us holding hands together and blocked the way. But anyhow, I couldnt deny being an eldest in the family, I would be more matured than my age.

But above all, I always dreamed to have a big sister so boleh pass je keje but my dream answered after I was married. Mr. husband is second youngest in the family but only recently I got the feel to have a big sister of my own especially when we were in Japan.

Wahh bestnyer, I would feel that I am the adik. You know, I am automatically loves to ask this question to her :"Akak, macam mane erk kalau nak buat ni",  "Ok tak kalau nak buat macam ni" and the best part she would reply "takpelah biar akak buat", "its ok". I seriously dunno how to describe but this is something good feeling that I enjoy to have. And now my sister in law is staying with me, I love the fact that she showed me this and that, sharing stories, giving comments and the best part seeing her with all the accessories which are nicely kept. She even give the ideas what should be done to my house. I am lucky as my sister in law treat me as her own adik.

and yes, perkahwinan adalah merapatkan dua keluarga. kite nak kawin bukan saje kawin dengan laki kite je, but kite kawin dengan family dia sekali.. -- eh ape cakap pasal kawin ni?? maybe sebab ramai kawan-kawan mira yang akan kawin in this year jeng jeng jeng jeng



Asiah Abd Jalil said...
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Asiah Abd Jalil said...

The same story like mine.

I am the eldest sister in 10 siblings. Actually I am the third child, tapi 2 orang kat atas tu abang, so I la kakak sulung in the family.

My husband anak bongsu dari 2 beradik, he only has an elder brother. When my brother in law got married, I dapat biras. She is actually two years younger than me. Tapi pangkat dia kakak la kan, sebab kahwin dengan abang ipar I. So I call her "Kak" Idah.

Memang sangat best bila tiba-tiba merasa dapat kakak. Luckily Kak Idah sangat terror buat itu ini sebab dia orang kampung, compared to me yang membesar kat bandar dan serba serbi kena belajar. Despite the fact that she is younger, tapi bila balik kampung, Kak Idah yang ajar itu ini, yang lead dapur, yang bagi suggestion.

Sepanjang hidup asyik jadi kakak, bila sesekali merasa ada kakak, perasaan itu memang indah. Kan, kan?

jojoe said...

i am the eldest of 2 in my famili. married and kamceng dgn my in-laws bro n sis. But esp mil, fil who treated me as the youngest cos hubby is their last.. mmg best! Kalo in my famili i yg kena push and help decision making.. kat belah hubby.. i ikut jer.. rilek habis!

This is .... said...

saya pun ramai adik beradik.. 7 adik semuanya.. i'm the eldest..
ingat lagi masa ada adik yang masih baby lagi, bile balik sekolah, terus gomol, peluk, cium.. naik rimas dibuatnya.. hihi..

Em's Family said...

Asiah: ha ah Asiah, Sah lagila anak perempuan sulung dari sepuluh beradik.. tapi betullah kite ni bile dah kawin, baru nak merasa orang lain yang akan buat decision, or orang lain yang mainkan peranan yang selalu kite mainkan.. the feeling is totally different kan..

jojoe: yeah betull, kite antara lucky sebab dapat in laws yang very understanding kan..

This is.. haah, lepas tu bile kite dah besar sikit.. banyak je orang cakap adik kite tu anak kite.. tu paling tak best


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