Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clarks Warehouse Sale

It has been looonnggg freaky time I didn't go to any warehouse sale! WAIT.. the last time was Dior, which was a month back where I did not buy a single thing.. So, I just informed SIL that Clarks Warehouse Sale going to be held this week as I know she loves Clarks and as predicted SIL looked forward for the warehouse sale despite I warned her that the Q will be super duper long..

So, today, we supposed to make a move around 10 am after being promised by Mr. Husband that he gonna came back from mountain climbing - Bukit Tabur by TEN but ewah ewah, at 1 pm, I couldnt find any sign of him.

I knew Mr. Husband was tired, but I had to reinforce that he shouldnt sleep as Emir will be left alone and he promised Emir to go to the pool. and Us, my SIL and I, headed to our destination around 3 pm. Along the way, my heart was beating fast since it has been quite some time I did not drive the car to the town but Alhamdulillah, oklah.. at least tak kene hon heheh

The event was held at Corus Hotel Jalan Ampang and by the time we reached there, we didnt even have to q and the crowd -- sangat OK!! Note 1, Next time, I will not make myself miserable by joining the excited crowd early in the morning, I would rather go later and enjoy my shopping spree.

I straight away went to the Kids shoes and found one sandal for Emir for just RM50 per pair. wah, but I was skeptical to buy at first as the shoes looks bigger for Emir but after looking around, I decided to just grab and buy, lagipun RM50 from RM168. and luckily it fixed Emir well.. wahh sungguh tidak ku tau anakku kaki besar rupenyer hehehe

And SIL is the most happiest person there. She was so excited and at the same time, geram to see the prices. Geram cos some of the shoes she bought at double the price and happy cos she doesnt have to think to buy more shoes for the next couple of months / years.

And not bad, my size is still around despite some of the design have sold out. I am not a Clark's fan but I think it is quite worth to buy. I bought one shoe for myself, one shoe for my mum and one shoe for Emir. Mr. Husband.. errr.. kasut anda sampai RM200 and honestly I do not know your size. Sorry yer Mr. husband saya kedekut :p my SIL bought 8 PAIRS OF SHOES ok .. sukeeee dia..

Overall, I would say it was a great bargain, and the best part.. I met ONE pregnant woman.. haaaaaaaaa, BIBI!! ramai orang nak tengok Bibi sarat ngandung kan.. haa ni dia.. Bibi nak beranak csect Selasa ni kat UMSC.. same case with me, placenta previa.. comelkan.. badan tak naik pun, perut je besar.. I forgot to take our picture together and ended up I realized that I dont even have my picture today.. heheh



Naz said...

owh finally dapat tgk bibi yang sedang sarat mengandung. comel seh bibi.. baby dia pun sure comel nanti kan kan..

BabyBooned said...

phew nasib baik i tak gi. mesti kosong wallet i. kekeke...


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