Saturday, January 02, 2010

Chinese wedding

Attended Friso Family Day Out today but I shall blog about the event at one of my special entry :)

I love to attend Malaysian wedding. In Malaysia, we get the opportunity to learn other culture and be part of their happiness. Malaysia is a unique country where we can find several types of weddings under the name of Malaysia.  Up until now, apart from Malay weddings, Mee Leng's wedding is the second Chinese wedding I have attended.

So as a Malay, Chinese wedding means GOOD FOOD!!! (Another food entry :)

Mee Leng is a colleague of mine. Honestly she is the nicest person I have ever known on earth. Not even once I have seen her in temper or in cloudy mood and she never talk back about people. She has this warmest smile where everyone enjoy to work with. and I bet, many people in the department will agree with me.

And so she is getting married, and the wedding celebration was held at Hilton PJ just now. She looks amazing with her red gown and I might say by looking at her prewedding picture, the make up and the dress, she deserved to get the best bride (for Chinese) I have ever since ...

Betullah orang cakap, the reflection of orang baik.. semua jadi cantik.. and so does the opposite, harap muke saje lawa tak boleh jugak dek..

As I mentioned earlier, Chinese wedding means good food. Food has been served one after another and usually they have 10 menus to be served. Starting from the main dish until the dessert, yes Chinese really spend the money for good food (except for some people la kan kekekke)

And the table should be occupied by 10 pax, but Dot, Faidzah and Naz were unable to attend. Not only we didnt have to fight for the food (haha macam lah cik Faidzah makan banyak).. BUT  Phew... selamat since two of the chairs have been filled up by..

This young gentleman since his parents left his stroller in Emir's Atok's house.. So the mother and the father did enjoyed the food peacefully..

Introducing Emir's parents..:D

Plus my husband, only five of us at this table.. The food that I love most is the steamed fish..

and some of  HC ladies.. and habis saje.. my young gentleman woke up with happy face and still active at this hour while the parents NGANTUK sudah..


toughcookie said...

hi amira,
we met at the nuffnang friso event earlier today :) hey... kebetulan i too just went to a chinese wedding. it was on the new year. yup, so agree on the good food... best best.

take care and hope to see you again soon!

Naz said...

hey i miss the fun!!! wah wah 5 org jer semeja.. syiokkk nyer.

anyway, i've a good news.. nanti i citer... hehe :))

Em's Family said...

Hi toughcookies: yeah, and the food is yummylicious kan..

Naz: is it the ring?????? update me tomorrow!!


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