Friday, January 01, 2010

1 January 2010

Its all about good food and good time.. Yes, doesnt it call as a holiday :)

So we started our 1 January 2010 by witnessed the fireworks around KL area from Duke view. As predicted, Duke was making money on 1 January as cars entered the highway for the seek of watching the fireworks, including yours truly.

We have promised Emir earlier to bring him to watch fireworks as he agreed to see his paed (yes, he is having running nose and coughing).

We were comtemplating to choose either Akleh highway or Duke highway but since Duke highway is nearer as compared to Akleh so we chose Duke highway. But I must say, for a better view next time, Akleh is the best spot as it is nearer to the city centre. Duke boleh lah but the satisfaction you can get it from Akleh.

Then we went to McD, Emir requested for McD with playground so we went to McD after the Zoo negara and tadaaa i tell ya, they were many kids there who were still laughing, shouting and active at nearly 2am. Well, parents nowadays kan.. But forgot to snap pictures..

Early in the morning, my father received a call from my aunt inviting us for ad hoc family gathering. So apa lagi, bawa perut sajalah. Sorry all pictures are courtesy from my iPhone, so tidaklah menarik dan shaking hehehe..

Well, when you talk about family gathering at the same time we are talking about the good food. we came slightly late and the rows of foods were nicely on the table, so apaaa lagi kan...

From left jiji Ika and Mimi.. Jiji was busy with her food while the other two girls sempat lagi kasik senyum..

One serious little girl hehehe, Arissa was not ready for the picture I guess.. You know I really love Arissa's hair, it is naturally curl..

And at the same time, my father took this opportunity to eat lamb.. Amboi bukan main senyum lagi kan...

And this young ladies were busy with Internet, ya tuan tuan, mereka tidak makan, hanya mengadap internet saje, budak budak zaman sekarang heheheeh

And this room for young boys (ya ya Arissa ade), can you Emir eating the strawberry..?? anyway, the rest of them are Emir's uncles and auties okay!!

And this generation supposedly responsible for BBQ, but err we were busy posing hehehe

Blur because of the smoke hehehe..

and as a result of lupa diri bila nampak kamera...

So, at night, Mr. Husband and I rushed for Yamani's wedding at Kelab Darul Ehsan

Yamani is Mr. Husband's colleague in UM and yes Ariffah, he married his student .. hehehe.. and sorry again for the blur picture.. blame the iPhone and the husband ok..


unlisted_one said...

Hi there,

Nice meeting you today..


Em's Family said...

Nice to meet you too :)

a wife, mother and an employee said...

At last, kawin jugak en. yam ye. Dia tu ramai gak student pompuan suka. lecturer (bujang) & student memang ada chemistry..LOL.

Em's Family said...

ariffah: and derang tak habis habis cerite pasal bilik yamani and your hubby's room (their room is next to each other kan)..?? derang kate bilik tu macam magnet ngan student hehehe


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