Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you The Picture Company!!

Remember my post on The Picture Company last Thursday on 17 Dec 2009.. If not please click here or you can just scroll down to see my entry on it.

And wah lah, and two days later, I received a call from Jo, the beautiful photographer (can i just exaggerate more :))  asking for my email address, and without further doubt, bagi je lah kan..

And to my surprised, I received this email

Click for better view.

To cut it short, I received an email from Jo - the photographer!! see, isn't blogging is interesting?? :) and she sent me THREE gorgeous pictures of Emir for FREE!! suke okeh!! Habis i cerite satu kampung hehehe..

To Jo and team, thanks a lot for this surprised, you all really make my our day!! hoping that we will have more photo session with you in the future.

And these are the pictures, sorry Jo, I have to insert the frame and my initial.

Hanya baju pade sekolah saje.. :) He refused to wear any costumes..

See from one  moody toddler, he can finally gave his warmest smile!! I told ya, Jo has done a great job :)

Jo's favorite picture, she said Emir has the wind blowing  heheh


This is .... said...

comel! photogenic betul..

kirana said...

wahhhh best2...review2 dapat free lagik hehehe

emir mmg cute pon!

mummymer said...

This is: thanks :)

kirana: dapat free tu yang lagi best kan


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