Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Picture Company

First of all, The Picture Company should thank us for this free review :)

Honestly, I have never heard about The Picture Company before. It happened when Emir's school gave us the free voucher during Emir's school concert. And yesterday, was the deadline to redeem the voucher, and normal for us, Mr. Husband would let me to call the shop to request whether we can postpone at least until today. And lucky us, they agreed.

The Picture Company is located at 2nd Floor, One Utama and just operated from 1 November 2009. I was understand that it is a franchise from Philippines Company.

Based on my observation, their prime target customer are parents who wants to potrait their child. Honestly, I know this free voucher would end up, us easily get influence from the salesgirl. One thing I would love to comment, their presentation, (welcome point) is  much simpler as compared to DeOne Studio. Simpler here means, I prefer DeOne Studio, more eye catchy and attractive. Sorry ya, The Picture Company, im just giving my 2 cents.

But at least, they know how to occupy the kids while waiting for their turn..

Emir was not in a good mood to cooperate as he saw the train passed by, but after several negotiations with him, finally he agreed.

One thing i like here is the photographer, her name is Jo, put aside that she is warm and beautiful, I love the fact she knows how to handle one moody kid until he can slowly begin to cooperate.

We were not allowed to take some photos but I managed to snap few pictures when Jo was busy entertaining Emir. Emir refused to wear any costumes and he only agreed to use his own choice of props which were the balls, ball cap, car cap but at least, we managed to force him to wear this magician hat, Jo was so eager to ask Emir to put this hat as she said Emir looks very cute with it and I did agree with her:)... Costume - we lost the battle with this 3 year old kid - so hanya pakai baju dari itu sekolah aje lah..

Emir really enjoyed the session, jumping, swimming, kicking, whatever that has been instructed by Jo, he slowly pick it up until Jo said we do have a lot of beautiful pictures..Yes, yes yes, sangat geram tengok budak ini.. and Jo did a great job as well. but we didnt manage to get any softcopy until she prints the free 5r photo, and to that, we have to wait another 7 working days..

If you want to know more about the package, click the above picture for a better view. Yes, it is quite expensive as 1 8R photo would cost RM68, but if you join as a member, you will get free pictures during your anniversary and birthday and other additional benefits as well, One year membership cost about RM280. And Im on my way to register as a member.. :)

and the best part.. while waiting for the pictures to be selected, I saw one familiar lady who is very dear to me with ehem ehem from far far far away and I bet she shocked when I said Hi to her.. kan kan..

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