Thursday, December 03, 2009

Japan Trip - Day 5 - Ooi Keiba-jo Flea Market, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo and Harajuku, Tokyo

That day, as planned earlier by my SIL, we went to Flea Market, Oii Keiba Jo at Shinagawaku. To go there it was not as easy as it could be as my SIL took quite some time to search for the exact location, I mean using the GPS. 

Of course, early in the morning, we only changed Emir cloth and diaper and he would continue sleeping in his stroller. Above picture, he refused me to carry him, while waiting for Mr. Husband to set up the stroller.

We were lost and only managed to arrive there around 2pm, and that time of cos good items were taken kan.. Ok flea market is like car boot sale. The goods are reasonably affordable and most of it is in good condition.

 But, I didnt really spend here, well, I didnt spend that much in Japan. Actually, I dont have Yen with me, here Hubby just gave me 5000 yen..

This flea market is hosted at the parking space of Tokyo City Keiba, a horse race track ....It is very popular and among the biggest representative fleamarket in Tokyo as there are approximately 600 vendors. Very similar concept to car boot sale.

You can find a lot of interesting items here from japanese art, clothes, toys, electronic items, antic cameras, etc with good prices.. 

Taken from my Mr. Husband's flickr..

Emir with the Japanese kids, to be honest, they dont really bother on Emir's presence there.. :) Ya, Emir is too young for them kan..


Then we went to Yoyogi Park Harajuku where we could witness the Cosplay Culture.

Cosplay (ใ‚ณใ‚นใƒ—ใƒฌ, kosupure) is the Japanese word for dressing up like a Japanese character.The word Cosplay from the joining of two English words "costume" and "play". Typically Japanese will dress as their favourite character from manga, anime, video games, J Rock or pop band or movie.In Tokyo, they normally gather at Yoyogi Park in Harajuku district on weekend.

Errmm.. im not sure about what anime/celebrity/character does this cosplay represent.. sailormoon?maid? any ID confirmation would be very appreciated.. thank you.. 

But, when we arrived there, the Cosplay was just ended, but we managed to at least shared with few of them who were still there..


The Japanese is happy if we reques tot take pictures with them, well thats what the Cosplay is all about kan..

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