Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ini Blog saya

Life has been extremely meaningful after getting YES answer from Mr.Husband. Ok, I have been talking about it on and on huhu. Can i say, it is just like a man getting a YES answer after proposing a girl that he really likes. Over lah mira..

Anyway, put aside my story in Japan, I am still aiming to finish my diary very soon depending on how soon I will get the opportunity to convert the RAW file to JPG. Haiyoo, who-lah invented this DSLR thingy ya.

Speaking of blogging, yes, I am not sure how many times I am telling you this, but I started blogging in the year 2003, but unfortunately after a year, my blog, it was then called - w*fa* has being hacked by this moron, not only that, he/she was happily changed my password for all my emails back then.

So, it took me a while before i decided to open a new blog, takut babe!!, this moron has emailed me and telling everything about me and oh he/she speaks Malay too. but later on, I couldnt deny that I am kepochi and would love to tell the whole world kekeke, so there goes, so from 2004 until now i am still maintaining this blog.

And up until today, if im not mistaken, I have 9 blogs huhu, but only 5 will remain active. so, let me explain to you.. - This is my personal blog, the blog that I really loved most. It has recorded part of me since 2004, from a student's life until mum's life. Even though I could not be as free as I wanted it to be to express my feeling, but this blog has contributed so many things for its owner, one of it is that I am getting to know beautiful blogger mothers out there and we are quite close to each other. - This is the first method how I am generating my income through blogging. Going to warehouse sale is part of my hobby and until one fine day, I just tried my luck to sell Lewre shoes that I bought during the warehouse sale via and within a few hours it was successfully sold. and i decided to set up this shopblog. However, due to some laziness to go to the warehouse sale, it was slowly transform to a blog where i posted on blogging contests.

But yes, not to mention that regularly some people has personally emailed me just to "inform" that "how could you charge this much while the price is only this much", itu baru bisnes kecik dah ade orang nak sibuk2, imagine those with big business, entah berape ramai orang dengki kan.. - another venture of online shops. Mr. Husband gave me this idea and I quickly agreed. But honestly, I have yet to concentrate more on this shop but I will,- starting from next month, this will be another project of mine. And this is better from the above shop in terms of profit :) - you know how crazy I am with contests, as I mentioned before, I have posted entries through until it has overshadowed my online shops, so I decided to open a new blog for me to enter contests and to record the prizes I have received through online contests. and I didnt expect anyone to visit this blog except those who organized the contest for their judging process. hehehe - I have recently run this website last week. I might categorized it as charity blog where I am listing down all blogging contests in Malaysia, which actually for my own track records. and within one week, the feedback is overwhelming and honestly, my Nuffnang increased amazingly as well.. hehehe..

So, yes, I love blogging compared to Facebooking. I would rather spare my time blogging.. and I enjoy it apart from being bibik at home, of course it always ended up ter--tido lambat.. ehhehe. Now blogging is fun, while you are posting an entry, you are on your way to be RM1 richer than your friend. Thanks to Nuffnang for the amazing ideas for the born of this wonderful ads.

So, this is my first prize I received through Nuffnang ads

RM30 vouchers from Jusco for participating in Prudential online survey.

p/s Takziah kepada Teh Afifah yang kehilangan suami, ibu dan bapa mertua dalam tragedi menyayat hati. Ya Allah, kuatnya ujian yang diberi .. Alfatihah


NihonS said...

Hi bout the Nuffnang, cool u got the prize!
How to subscribe ya?

Em's Family said...

Hi there

Just a small prize.. i think you can go to for further details but first you need to have a blog in order to get free money from nuffnang's ads

KambingBujang said...

wah 5 blogs to handle.. must be tough and busy

Em's Family said...

menyusahkan diri sendiri ada lah :p

Anonymous said...

Apa yang posting bagus. Saya sangat suka membaca jenis atau artikel. Aku bisa? T menunggu untuk melihat apa yang orang lain katakan.


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