Friday, December 18, 2009

Dugro - The cheapest price so far (dengan ucapan Salam Awal Muharam untuk semua)

Yes, my little Emir hanyalah pengguna Dugro, susu yang murah sahaja. Last time we gave him Similac but one fine day, Mr. Husband has accidentally gave him Chocolate Dugro and he was kinda like it very much. And since then, we are the loyal buyer for Dumex Dugro, despite that many have advised that it was not good to introduce him with flavor milk powder and Dumex Dugro has lesser this and that. But hey, dont you remember that Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz or Tun Mahathir's parents doesnt even know about Enfalac, Enfagrow, Similac or whatsoever but look who they are now kan..

Of course, I don't deny that every parents will go for the best for their kids, but the decision is ours kan. And thankfully, Emir is the Dugro user as the price is way cheaper, imagine every one week + I surely have to buy the new pack, and every month we spent around RM130 for his milk. If only Emir is Enfagrow baby, most probally we will spend around RM300+ for his milk. We are lucky on this part :)

So today, his teacher told me that his Dugro is nearly finished and at my mum's house - totally finish and my house - ade laa dalam dua kali buat.. There you go, need to top up 3 packs of Dugros at the same time. Usually, I would watch closely the hypermarkets bargain and will buy the milk at the best price offers at the hypermarket, but today, we have no other option except to just go to groceries shop nearby and of course the price is at least RM2 - RM3 higher from the hypermarket.

Ok, I went to PASAR KECIL MELAWATI - near to the International School and I was amazed to see this..

1 pack of 650g Dugro cost at RM11.50 only!! Normal price kalau kedai biase RM16.50 while 1kg cost at RM19.50 Normal Price is RM24.50. Wah la weii.... They just want to clear the old stocks as Dugro now has its new packaging. I checked the expiry date and it is on November 2010 and September 2010.

Oh, its not only for chocolate flavor but to all type of Dugro and Dutch Lady 123.. Haa, to all mothers yang pakai Dugro or Dutch Lady 123 silakan ok. I only bought three packs, hubby said "Asal tak borong jer".. errr sebab i tak de cash hehehe, so tomorrow, we gonna come back again to grab as many as we can!! Cross fingers.. hopefully ade lagi..

p/s anyone wanna ask me to buy? Boleh jer.. tapi collect kat I sendiri naaa.. :) Mamak tu confuse asal laa aku ni pi amik gambar kat kedai runcit dia hehehe


Naz said...

owh i tot dugro pun is one of the expensive brands for baby's milk.. tp affordable la price dia.. huhu.. sorry la xde anak so tatau.. kuang kuang!

mummymer said...

hehehe, tak ler.. murah giler compared to others heheh, tapi one step at a time..

Syana said...

hai.. lama tak blogging.. baru stat balik since umi ameer ngan walid ameer dah tak duk sebumbung lagi..

ameer n eyman pun minum dugro je.. tapi meraka juga bfdg baby dulu,so susu tak jadik masalah sangat.. skrg dah ada value pack rm 28++ utuk 1.5kg... ameer dan eyman susu dlm 5-6 paket sorang.. har.har..tak gawat uminye nak beli susu utk dua org kalau pakai enfalec ke, snow ke apa2 lah yg expensive brand... yang penting anak2 kita sihat,otak cergas, minda sihat,fizikal kuat...

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

I was loyal to Enfa brand for quite some time. Enfalac A+, Enfapro A+, Enfagrow A+ and Enfakid A+. I breastfeed all my children, cuma by the time diorang boleh merangkak, I pregnant lagi. Dari anak sulung, sampai la anak ketiga, belanja untuk susu aje boleh cecah RM700 per month! I joined the EnfaMama Club. Just imagine how many points I could accumulate in a short time.

Bila dapat anak keempat, I was continuing my studies, and I still am. Then family expenses dah jadi double triple, our financial memang teruk sikit. Bayar taska aje dah cecah RM1k. Belanja-belanja lain toksah cakap la. Dua dah sekolah, belanja sekolah diorang, and they still minum susu lagi. Since my children and I are living apart from my husband, so kena tanggung expenses dua buah rumah, tambang ulang-alik, etc. This year dapat anak kelima. We are really on a tight budget, macam tulah selagi I tak graduate.

That's why I changed to Dugro. Sila la compare harga Dugro dengan Enfa tu ye, you can calculate how much we could save every month.

Murah tak bermakna tak berkualiti. I did try a few other brands before I jatuh hati dengan Dugro ni. Banyak jenama yang popular and affordable, tapi tak sesuai dengan anak-anak. Normally kalau "berak diorang tak cantik", you could conclude that the brand is not suitable for them. Kena trial and error la. At last I pilih Dugro, because my young children paling suka and can tolerate dengan Dugro compared to other brands.

Em's Family said...

Syana and Asiah:

I agree with both of you, susu dugro murah tak bermakna tak berkualiti, mungkin kurang sikit kalau nak compare yang mahal kan, kalau tak ape purpose mak bapak nak beli yang m ahal, macam mane anak-anak kite besar dengan sihat macam anak-anak yang minum Enfagrow, Enfamama atau sewaktu dengannya..


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