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Japan Trip - Day 3 - Disneyland

Warning: This entry contains a lot of pictures.

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Disneyland is one of my more than one decade wishlist. Be it whether I am already hold the mother's title, it doesnt hinder me to visit and share the fun and luckily Tokyo is one of the proud city to be honored to have their own Disneyland.

The journey took us as early as 8 am and yes, that was the peak when people are rushing to go to work. and the best part, we have to change the train at Shinjuku, the busiest and the largest station in Tokyo.

From Shinjuku, we took the train to Maihama station and the journey was around 40 minutes, and this time, Emir was still sleeping.

But when we arrived, hujan pun turun, sob sob sob.. But luckily it was not heavily run, so we still managed to redah sane sini but it was damnnn COLD..

Emir in front of the Mickey's passport. on the way to the entrance, he just woke up and terus excited. and yes, this may be one of the picture, Emir with his glove, he refused to wear it!! sejukk sangat2

An attempt to conquer the Disneyland..

with Sleeping Beauty -- tipu punyer. and yes, we understand that they are no  Disney characters walking around as before. They will only make their appearance only during the parade or any show.

It's a small world. Our first ride.

"Take a trip around the world and see the children in their native costumes as they sing about the peace and harmony they wish for the world."

The parade. Sini hujan dah turun agak renyai tapi lebat sikit.. Sejuk giler mase tu.. and yes, we only took a video here and thats answer why we dont have much pictures at the parade.. wanna to upload at youtube, but aiyoo the connection was too slow. This is the first time, I heard Emir said "Ibu look, thats a pirate ship".. waa tak pernah ajar dia anything about pirate ship..

At Mickey's house. Emir seriously was amazed. In his age, he still couldn't differentiate between reality and fantasy and when he saw his Mickey, he was speechless and I forgot to ask Mr. Husband to capture Emir first moment seeing Mickey Mouse in person.

and it tooks us more than 1 hour to see this Mickey OK :), beratur dia tahu je la kan.. but Emir best picture is using the Disney official photographer.. muke bangge tak tahan..

Mickey's magic mirror. Mickey's shadow will appear when someone stand in front of the mirror.

Merry go around.. I just stand there, can you see? errr sape suruh pakai skirt kan.. heheh

The cup.. cawan pusing pusing tu..

Anyway, it was freaking cold sampai tangan Emir sakit,  the best part we had our lunch in the middle of the rain, saje amik tempat jauh sikit, since we brought our own food.

Nak panaskan badan, we watched the Bear performance, my SIL said (she went there for the sixth time) the q to watch the Bear performance never been this long. Bet that everyone just joined as it was raining and cold outside. but hey, Emir did enjoyed the show, gelak terkekek kekek. Sorry, pictures are not allowed here.

Then, my sister quietly obtained the Fast pass to Space Mountain. There, I already know something would happen as they didnt allow kids under age to join. yeah, Papa happily volunteered taking care of Emir and REFUSED to follow his sister.

and thats right, it was a roller coster --- i ni penakut sikit ok, bukan sikit banyak!! Nyaris nak keluar barisan tapi sebab kene pujuk and tak sampai hati.. so beratur je laa.. again, no pictures here..

and Emir asked us to snap his picure here at the racing car

at Minnie Mouse's house

The fridge

at Daisy Duck's ship

Gambar di atas adalah gambar anak bujang saya tengah merajuk, pasal ape tak ingat.. Nasib ade Angah boleh pujuk..

Then, naik jumbo!!

Then main racing car.. Of cos yang over orang tua,, Emir cool je.. hehe Emir was sitting besides his father

Ok bende ni Emir naik ngan Angah since both of us malas.. :)

at Buzz Lightyear.. one of interesting place to visit. Main tembak tembak.. and my score was the lowest amongst all even with Emir hehehe

Emir with Mickey's hat,

Emir with Pooh's hat

Disneyland at night. at this time, Emir dah tido. Overall. there were few places that we did not manage to cover but according to my SIL, her visit this time lah yang paling banyak dapat cover main, sebab orang tak berape ramai. yeay, hikmah di sebalik hujan, ramai orang balik. But we had a lot lot lot lot of fun....


mama shazzy said...

nak pegi jugak!!!

mesti seronok emir jumpe mickey...hafiz nampak gambar mickey pun dah excited jerit2..kalau jumpe yg maskot tu xtaula camner..hehehe

ira said...

good to know u guys had tons of fun!
suka yg mirror yg muncul keluar muka mickey.gile cool! :)

are u back yet?

Iryani Noor said...

wooo besttt best... luas giler tmpt tu smpi ke mlm korg kt ctu... mesti jln sampai tak larat kn... janji enjoy walaupon sejuk =p..

Em's Family said...

mama shazzy:
nanti baby dah besar, boleh pergi, bonus pett kan banyak huhuu :p

haah, emir memang terkejut bangat tengok mickey dia

kak didik: oh yes, actually i yang main dulu kekeke

yani: my SIL kate, gune ticket betul2, sebab bukannyer murah.. so kiterang bantai sampai derang suruh balik :D


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