Monday, November 09, 2009

Emir's Second School Concert

Today, at the very early in the morning, I was being forced to wake Emir's up. Yes, today, is another BIG day for him. After practising all the steps, it was the time for him to proudly present to the crowd. As a mother, my job is to let him know, that Concert is something he should be looking forward to and exciting at the same time.

We sent him off to school around 8 am and we have been advised by the teachers to return back to school at 10 am. Unfortunately, we didnt know that the concert started at 10 am and we reached there around 10 and sadly I could find myself a seat in front of the stage. Hubby, he was busy searching for a better spot to take pictures.

Atok, Shahiran and Ika joined us 20 minutes later and sadly they have missed Emir's first performance.

Emir's first performance

Singing Letterland song. Letterland is another method to teach the ABC and Emir's school is adopting the Letterland concept.

Emir's second performance

Lion's dance. and he was the errrr Monkey. It was interesting to see all the kids were actually not doing their part, and just being "wild" on stage. Poor teacher, well at least the first few minutes they really did as planned. Emir and only another girl who just obediently followed the teacher. Haha.

Emir's third performance

Duck's dance. Comel!!!!!!!!!! Semua comel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, what Im gonna say, I am proud of him. I could see he enjoyed being on stage, no more stage fright as last year. He was smiling and I think the best feeling I had was during the first performance, when he was searching for us and once he saw us, he was smiling and relatively calm down.

p/s This post has been typed on Saturday itself, try to upload few pictures unfortunately the c:/ is FULLLLLL!! Laterlah..

And of course, credit to the teachers as I know it was not easy to teach the kids especially the two year old kids kan..

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