Monday, November 23, 2009

Japan Trip - Day 2 - Asakusa

Before that, for those who has emailed me regarding the bag, thousand apologize for not replying asap. Anyway, most of the questions i received was, murah tu berape, oklah.. LV speedy 40 yang medium size tu cost about RM2100, so the price is around that lah, if second hand, usually is less 40% than original price. Erk, kalau yang lain, Coach ke ape ke, ade yang less RM1000 ade yang lebih RM1000. sekian terima kasih.. ;)

Ok, day 2, as planned by my SIL, we went to Disney Store to buy the Disneyland Ticket, not too sure where it is located, but it is in between the shops (almaklum ade orang drive kan) huhu. The shop itself is very eye catching not only for the kids but for the adults too. and this picture is the entrance of the shop and Emir has just woke up..

The shop has three floors, the third floor is the ticket counter. Typical style of marketing strategy la kan, sambil2 tu dia suruh kite shopping dulu. Ok FYI, the ticket for an aldult cost 5500 yen and child below age 4 is free. If you are going on weekend and public holiday the ticket is priced at 4700 yen, and if you are going to spend either to Disneyland or Disneysea or both for two days, you can purchase the ticket at 10,000 yen.

Of course at first we wanted to save the budget, but my SIL advise us to purchase 1 day ticket due to the following reasons+-

1. Avoid going during the weekend cos you might end up frustrated seeing the long queue..
2. Avoid using the two days passport cos you definitely gonna be too exhausted the next day..

and it is soo true.. lucky we opt for the 1 day ticket.. will tell you more later..

Lepas dah ambik gambar sakan dalam tu, one lady guard approachied us and informed that  we were not allowed to take photos in the shop.. heheheh

Then only we went to Asakusa, one of the famous tourist attraction in Tokyo, best known for its many temple.

Everyday, I will pack the food since it is very hard to find Halal food here.. plus bet it is too expensive..

Emir and the pigeons. Ade signboard tulis `do not feed the pigeon,` but this one man sitting beside me, feeding the pigeons, and Emir told that guy `hey, you cannot feed the bird, he can find the food by himself` Thank God the Japanese could not understand Emir or dia buat buat tak tau..

My first experience seeing the real orange tree..

Then we walked aroud the Asakusa town. my SIL asked us to take the boat ride to Odaiba, but since my SIL`s driver will pick us up in one hour time, we cancel the planned. the boat ride may take about one and half hour.

and our little boy is such one mad boy.. dia nak sangat naik bot

and the staff tried to cheer Emir`s up..

Papa and the late warrior, which we do not know who.. Ampun..

Another attraction at Asakusa

Ni saje saje jer, sebab panjang giler barisan budak2 ni... Ok, end of Day 2..

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Iryani Noor said...

alaaa tak puas nengok gambar korg... nnt up kt f/book ekk... bestt nyer dpt jln2 kt sana =p...


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