Wednesday, November 18, 2009

at matahari terbit

Hi、 we are here in Matahari Terbit. blogging from my sister`s house. Honestly I am trying very hard to upload the pictures from yesterday, but unfortunately, the computer here seem too slow。I am not talking about 5 minutes but to load the folder itself will take about 20 minutes, to click whatever inside the folder, is another 20 minutes.So i just lost my mood along the way, but of course I will upload and tell you every single day from yesterday until you get bored hehehe..

Tomorrow we sure gonna have some fun cos we will go to Disneylabd.. yeay

Ok cancel, tetibe je boleh pulak nak load picture ni..
Ok, memula meh nak tunjuk gambar gedik dulu.. Of course I have to thank Mr. Husband for this trip kan.. :)

Mase ni kat KLIA, Emir tengah syok tengok plane, and he asked a lot of questions especially ‘Ibu bile boleh naik‘ and i have to answer over and over again ‘the plane is still not clean‘

Emir was one excited baby on plane, he enjoyed every single thing on plane and only slept around 5 am, about two hours before arrival, itupun he woke up since it was very uncomfortable for him to get a good sleep.

We arrived at Narita Airport around 7 am and the best part here, we nearly lost our bags, hehe, few of us were puzzled since our bags didnt come out. At last I asked the staff and we realized that we were late and they already put our bags at this one area for late comers.

At Narita Airport, my sister in law asked us to take a bus to Cerraline Tower (not sure whether it is the right spelling) and the bus cost us about RM150 each ok.

While waiting for the bus, Emir forced his Papa to assemble his plane which was the free gift from the airline.

We arrived at the tower around 10 am and our lovely sister was already there waiting for us. She drove us for  a lunch at Tenya Sushi restaurant. and at this time we were really exhausted since we didnt sleep during the journey. Jakun video la katakan..

But the tempura was superb ok, we had this pumpkin, shrimp, squid and rice. but our little munchkin was asleep during the makan time..

Actually just wanted to show you, how packed this restaurant during the lunch hour. and my sister just as a background :p

Then we went to Off House shop (the largest chain of second hand shop in Tokyo) but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures..

Anyway, \what i can say, Japan is amazing, the people are humble, the city is super clean and they are modern, even to cook,i have to ask my SIL to guide me hehee..

and i just know that each car has this GPS

Day 2 macam payah sikit nak cerite sebab banyak gune hubby camera yang kene tukar2 formatting yang i malas nak buat.. but i will of course


~Mrs Fred~ said...

mira! bestnya!!!1 wish Hubby can bring us there someday..hehe

Iryani Noor said...

wuwuwuwuwuw... bestt nyer.. cpt upload gambar disneyland =p

jojoe said...

citer lagi. cant wait

hana said...

uii jauh nyer berjalan.. more pics pleasee!!

nizafauzi said...

bestnye g japan!!!!

nnt mira balik kt dah takde kat ey...

keep in touch kat sini yea :)


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