Monday, October 26, 2009


The modem has been strucked by the lightning.. So ended up, we have to live far far far away from juicy news. I have suggested to hubby to return back to our own house but he refused. Ok ok fair enough i didnt pack anything yet. Anyway, I do love to stay in my own house but thinking of packing and repacking will easily make me sick. Baju is all over the place, upstairs and downstairs, Emir's toys are piling up, and the most important part the bonding between the cucu and atok and mama - haishhh.. penangan cucu sorang..

So, leaving me with no contest entry for the whole week *sigh.. but yes, i have more time to spend for out-of-the-list-kalau-ada-internet things like mmm.. count how much Duit raya Emir for this raya.. banyak betul duit emir kali ni.. rezeki kan.. 

and I couldnt stop jumping up and down when someone wants to bring me to one of my dream-visit country.. heheh.. hope everything is ok and the Boh-nuss is hmm generous.. cross fingers.. yeah, the unbelievable increment for me this year really keeps me demotivated. Thanks to the hardwork through out the year and i deserved it. if only i knew my increment will be this much.. full stop.. stop complaining..if not, my father will call me and say -sila delete entry anda heheheh , peace peace Baba :)

p/s saya terlepas tengok Nur Kasih jumaat lepas.. nak tengok balik tak de internet.. :(


BabyBooned said...

uh oh.. mmg seksa hen takde internet connection. kekekeke...

eh u follow nur kasih eh? i ada la tgk sekali dua. tension gilaaa dok pikir camne la minah ni bole baik sangat...kalau aku.. :p

Em's Family said...

oh ya. ibu dolu dolu relaks je tak intenet, kite ibu moden moden ni sangat lah tidak reti buat bende tanpa internet..

and yes, im the big fan for nur kasih.. do u want to read the sinopiss/


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