Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My father in law

My father in-law has been warded to Hospital Melaka yesterday. Please read the below entry taken from my husband's note on Facebook. As mentioned by my husband's below, it is to inform our relatives on Abah's condition and to other fellow readers, let it be a sharing experience as it involves our own parents..

Thank you for the prayers and doas..

This update were written by my elder brother (Chairil) with input from my eldest brother (Dr Azmi) this morning. Its main intention is to inform our nearest relatives and whoever that would like to understand our beloved father current condition.

A'kum friends & collegues,
First of all thanks for the prayer and doa for my father recovery. My father has been warded at the hospital and his condition has improved slightly this morning. He has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure with pneumonia. His breathing improved after being treated with frusemide (buang air dlm paru2) and tamiflu. Now he is breathing easier and more comfortable.

I wish to share what had transpired since yesterday for us to learn and insyaallah will react better in case similar fate befallen on us.

My father had been disgnosed with Parkinson disease, diabetic & hypertensive a few years ago. He has been taking medications on daily basis. Notwithstanding his health conditions, he has been 'healthy' albeit a little slow in his movement and difficulty in standing up after sitting down for a long time. But he still drive his car once in a while for some errands although we had advised him not to. He has also been coherent and able to hold proper conversations with anyone.

Since Sunday, my father health had declined whereby he had not been moving freely unless assisted. Originally, our family had thought that he had either missed or jumbled up his medications (parkinson, diabetic and hypertensive).

On Monday, my father's condition deteriorated and he started to have breathing difficulty (especially when lying down). Worse, he was also delirious with incoherent conversation. In short, he was not himself... My mother had then informed all of us of my father condition.

I'd return to my Melaka home yesterday and immediately took him to Pusat Kecemasan Hospital Besar Melaka. After query on my father health conditions and several tests, it was established that my father body was low in oxygen and suspected of pneumonia (lung infection).

At the Pusat Kecemasan, they started him on frusemide. (Doctor should had put the catheter on my father to facilitate passing of water).

Due to the low oxygen intake, perhaps was the reason why my father was delirious then. In view of the fact that a few days ago my father had fever with coughing and 'selsema', the doctor had taken the precaution on the possibility of H1N1 and prescribed him the 'Tamiflu' medications. Thus, last night he was warded in the isolation ward.

Our family is blessed as my eldest brother Dr Azmi is a doctor attached to HUKM. Thus, he was able to converse with the doctors to understand my father's health condition. Furthermore, he was also 'allowed' to look after my father in the isolation ward. A cousin of us who is a nurse was also on duty last night at the isolation ward and was able to keep an eye on her 'Pak Long'.

Today, my father will still remain at the isolation until the test for H1N1 confirmed otherwise. The result is expected tmrw and hopefully we'll be able to move him to a normal ward.

Lessons learned: for our elderly parents, we should always take immediate action once our parents health condition is worrisome eventhough it may just be a fever or 'selsema'. Sometimes our parents do not wish to inform their kids of their poor health condition as they thought it is just a 'small' matter and they'll get better soon. At their age, a 'small' matter can be a life threatening condition if not addressed immediately. Let us be more firm with our parents that their kids should be in the know of any worrisome health condition affecting them. TQVM

Chairil Mohd Tamil


kirana said...

semoga ayah mentua awk cepat sembuh...

Mummy Rizq said...

hope he gets better soon!


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