Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lesson learnt

Tomorrow, our office is organizing Bud*get Seminar but since the participants are way behind the target, all seniors have been instructed to call at least 30 clients before 4pm today. and your yours truly was responsible to call 37 companies... and as expected

one of the client was not really happy to receive my call. I was right from the beginning not to hold the conversation any longer but unfortunately yours truly has accidently asked another question asking for her colleague..

first, it is quite challenging for me to distinguish whether the chinese name is belong to a man or a woman and secondly the clients are not mine, so i dont have any clue who they are and the character of the client.

and strike one, i wanted to address her colleague by the name but it was my unlucky call where i addressed her colleague as MR not Ms. and duhh being so sarcastic, this "kind" lady spare her time to slap me with her words for at least 5 minutes.

I did apologized but she ignored. Yeah, i agree that client is always right but you know you dont have to be too evil until the other party feels like cursing you. Wasnt it nice to say "She is ms. not Mr" instead of being one pathetic lady.

Ok apalagi dengan internet di hujung jari anda.. Google her name and found her wedding photos.. "oohh ni laa muke orang yang marah aku, pakai tudung", ok i shouldnt mention pakai tudung, but that was honestly one of the exact word pop-out spotaneously.

But as Im thinking further, we are being unfair to those who are wearing scarf/hijab. To most of us, wearing scarf, hijab, a person must potray a good attitude ALL the time until we have forgotten that they are human beings with emotion fills with feeling and thoughts. Of course, on the other hand, we need them (saya jugak) to represent the beauty of Islam but at times, we fail to differentiate SEMUA kene baik..

And i did forget the fact that the lady might face an unhappy situation where she can only bombarded to the third party and i might be there at the wrong time and at the wrong place..

So, in conclusion, thank you lady, saya tarik balik kata kata saya. Tadi saya marah, sekarang saya dah ok. Anyway, that was not the first time kene marah dengan client pun, tak terbilang. so ape hal you nak over over ni mira :) 
Kadang kadang saya pun gitu jugak nak nak kalau bile order makan, makanan sampai lambat or orang tu terlupe.. yes, i can become your dearly nightmare. hehehe.

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