Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I just loveeee this picture

Emir with his uncle and auntie - basically my young cousins :) Comelllllllllkan

Anyway, office seems too quite, which is good. It is so good to just listen to the sound of keyboard, mouse clicking but not when the phone is ringing :). Most of them were gone attending some events around but im here happily watching all the familiar big smile faces, manakan tidak, boss banyak orang tak de..

Did you guys know that im taking lonnnggg leaves this coming November. Ya ya, none of your business but lets get back to reality, who doesnt love holidays kan especially when everyone is pretty busy. Me too but yeah, planning to go to Langkawi but dunno whether masih ada hati nak ke sane ke tak.

And do you know that im still staying at my mum's house for the past err three weeks. will get back to our house soon if time permits especially i have promised myself to invite our neighbours for a dinner. i have tried once but my parents quitely fetched Emir from school at 4 and only called me when they were on their way home. heheh so how aaa? and oh my Emir.. kalau dekat dengan atok dan nenek mamanya semuanya boleh saja.

I know this posting is jumping from here and there since it has been a while I didnt update, yeah, i do update, but just posted few pictures and thats it, Tak tau la sejak dua menjak ni macam malas sikit..

And oh, im sooo dreaming to have my own built in wardrobe, any suggestion where should i go, i mean the best place for quite a reasonable price?

Ok till then.. ciao


kirana said...

amir dah potong rambut..ke awk yg trrim yg depan tu mira?

cepat2 sevey wardrobe hehe..aritu gi tak homedec?kat forum cari tu cuba contact patric..ramai org amik ngn dia

Em's Family said...

ana.. patric.. err ade special website dia tak?


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