Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hasil main banyakkk contest

Before that, alhamdulillah my father in law health is improving however, he is still warded in Hospital Melaka. Emran has been back to Malacca for almost a week now, he has returned back to KL yesterday but today, he just left for Malacca. InsyaAllah next week, I will be back to Malacca.

Anyway, it has been more than a week I stayed in my mum;s house. Truly, I prefer to stay in my own house but its ok, since Emir has someone to play with and yes, Emir is becoming more manja ever since his grandparents is around. hampeh tau, sikit sikit nak ngadu..

and yes, do you know my other blog telah dijadikan blog untuk masuk contest contest instead of jual barang-barang hehehe.. yes, i wanna to separate between personal blog with another. I would love to maintain this as my own personal blog, but of course from time to time I do post an entry of any contest. And yes, my colleagues and my ex- UTP really understand that I do loveee to join a contest. But anyhow, I never win any BIG contest like aaa kerete ke rumah ke, trip ke.. Yes, I did win a free trip to Desaru from Sunway but I didnt manage to go as that time I was heavily pregnant.. Ok ini saja nak put as my records, ape yang telah menang so far masuk contest contest ni..

1. My Little Touch 5th Blogaversary Giveaway

My winning entry: here
4th lucky winner - and I win this - 10gm of Japanese beads

2. Contest: Duit Raya untuk kamu

2nd winner.. -
Winning entry: here..

dan saya menang RM10 topup..

3. 2009 Cute Baby in Stroller Contest

Grand prize winner
Winning entry: here

and I win this..

4 cute set of Tupperware

Lamaze toy - ni kene tunggu adik Emir :D

4. Raya!! Raya!! Raya!! Giveaway

Grand prize winner
Winning entry: here

and the prize.. Cookies raya

5. Anasfadilah Raya Giveaway

2nd Lucky winner

and i get myself this

Yang merah hitam tu yang mira dapat..

Seronok kan.. petik jari petik keyboard.. dapat lah something.. :)


BabyBooned said...

ya allah mira, awak ni rajin betol la! respect! dah la you've got great luck when it comes to contests ;D u're really something!

alhamdulillah glad to hear your FIL is getting better. insyaallah we'll doa for his good health.

Em's Family said...

Saje suke-suke, ngisik mase lapang, nak nak duduk rumah mak ni, kurang pekerjaan sikit :p

T.H said...

hi Em's family, thanks for taking in happy birthday giveaway yeah you got 2 entries for adding my blogs to blog roll :)

good luck :)

wah contest byk.. menang ke? hehe.. congrats

Mummy Rizq said...

good for you mira.. banyak dpt prezen..

eh! your parents balik tak ada bawak branded bags for sale ker???

Em's Family said...

Hai T.H, thank you for visiting.. menang kecik2 jer.. really hope I can win something big.. :)

MAr, err maybe you can try your luck to view the Coach-es bags :p

nizafauzi said...

wah.. bestnye menang yg tupperware n lamaze tu!!! :)

Em's Family said...

yang tu dapat kat ofis, amik gambar pun kat ofis :)


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