Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ramadhan to the finishing date

Picture taken by  Mr Husband using his mobile phone. Pinjam sat noo Mr. Husband.. How is your Ramdahan?. Anyway, Im still believe that my Ramadhan was way better during my schooldays. Yelah, sekarang ni dah jadi mak and bini orang, mase tu sangat limited, by the time kite habis ape bagai dengan dapur and anak, badan pun dah penat, nak nak weekdays kan, dengan dari keje, bangun pun awal untuk sahur. So mane tak nyer badan pun dah lunyai bile dah malam. Seriously, everyday I always telling myself "kenape lah tak amik cuti hari ni".

As when I get the title as a mother, I feel like a kid, giving a whoop of joy when the Maghrib arrived and I can finally enjoy a glass of much needed water. huhu. and wherever I performed the solat, honestly I couldnt just 100% concentrate as I was thinking what Emir is doing in our tiny living room especially nowadays he loves to jump from the prohibited area (i.e. tv cabinet) or go to the toilet without his parents. Ok, the father is always there but you know, the mother insticnt or people always called as "mum's third eye" heh. That is why sometimes I felt more secured wherever Emir is in front of the computer, at least he can sit still and I can convinced myself that he is Ok. :)

Sometimes I feel guilty to my son, once I step into our house, the first thing that I do is bukak tudung and go straight to the kicthen and leaving Emir alone at least for an hour and makes him occupied with whatever we have inside the house. TV, computer and of course "clean up the mess" and it even worst if I start my baking project. The time spent is longer than expected. For a million time, the last thing that I want him to do is to play computer games but I couldnt avoid the fact that it is the BEST time for Emir to stay safe while his mother is "away".

Anyway, saje nak nunjuk. I know, orang lain tunjuk cek 10, 11 ribu but this is only RM755 - winning prize from Roda Impian :). At first I was "bengang" since we have to wait for 6 months for a just few hundreds of ringgit but hey, now I am grateful since this cheque comes at the right time especially when my salary will only be deposited into my account on 28 september 2009. Hampeh. 28 September I pun dah balik raya ok.

p/s Anyway, anyone interested to buy raya cookies, a friend of mine yang jual, I bought few from her, honestly is sedap even everyone in the department ordered from her. Dia ade ter order lebih, ade few left, price range around RM17 to RM21. Kacang, Badam, biskut buah-buahan, havana sparkle (mcm london almond), isabella (not sure), and cornflakes. Interested do let me know ok.


Sitisifir10 said...

Masa anak seorng dulu memang sll risaukan anak, tapi skang bila yang kakak boleh tgkkan yg adik, saya rasa sangat BEST!!!

im_an_ibu said...

wahaha... soooo trueeeeee la mira. rase mase blaja lg tekun enjoying ramadhan. xfikir raye dah. asyik beribadat je... eceh, ayat poyo...

Ibu emir said...

SitiSifir: sebab tu emir pun kene ade adik jugak, kasik responsible sikit hehehe

ibu iman: yeah, tapi kalau fikir balik, rase sekarang ni la kite banyak lagi pahala sebab banyak bende kite buat untuk other people happiness kan

Ayul said...


BabyBooned said...

wehh itu gambar nampak really macam pro woh... terror encik emran ambik gambar.

selamat hari raya to u and your family, mira :)

Em's Family said...

Ayul: Selamat Hari Raya!! Jemput datang rumah ok

BabyBooned: oh yes, itu yang buat dia tunjuk kat i banyak kali tu. erk :) selamat hari raya to you too


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