Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happier week

Yes, im happy. But please, there is nothing to do with no 2, he/she is still up there waiting for the right time to meet us :).. but on a lighter note..
Yeay, i won this contest.. If you intend to read my entry, please read here...

1st prize gitu, insyaAllah I will be receiving RM50 worth of prize but no clue what it is, but I personally think it might be raya cookies since the organizer is selling raya cookies and all. Interested, click here.. Berteke teke pulak nak dapat hadiah ape ish ish ish, haha..

And I have just recently received a notification from Roda Impian to collect the cheque as well.. wahh!! duit raya tau..Actually it was since last week but until now, Mr. Husband doesnt have time to drive me to Phileo Damansara but of course I will definitely ensure to collect the cheque as early as this coming Monday. Huhu..


Sahur tadi, tak tau la angin kus kus ape yang datang, hubby prepared for the sahur. Amin!! Woke up at 510 am with complete panic but when I opened the door, I smell food and tadaa the dining table was spaced up with F.O.O.D huhu.. Even though the nasi goreng looks like 5 people in the house but seriously it was not bad after all, simple but tasty.. nyum nyum, kalau hari hari macam ni kan best heheh.. 

err.. anyway, I received one e-mail that makes me smile all day :), I didn't expect she replied within few hours, but what on earth she knows I identify myself as Mira since I was first introduced myself as W... F... A.., usually people will first call me Wan.. or F... but not simply Dear Mira... confuse tau.. Did she read my blog?? huhu.. or worst thing..did I forget my friend's name.. errkk.. hope everything goes well.. InsyaAllah..

also, not to forget, this little boy

 "you cannot see me" -- ni Emir cakap

budak inikan.. sudah fully potty trained.. yahoo!! less expenses for diapers after this hehehe.. but one problem, when he refused to wear diapers, the father and the mother are still a bit worried especially when we were outside the house.. be it in a shopping mall, in the car, even nak tido dia tak mo pakai pampers katenyer

Of course accident still happen but sooner or later, he still has to learn kan..


BabyBooned said...

about no. 2, sama lah kita ;) insyaallahhhh..

hahahaa emir gerenti mungkin accident punye. tapi mesti okay je lepas tu.once dah accident, pastu mesti they'd become more careful about "letting it go" hehehe

kirana said...

wahhh tahiah!!mmg rezki ramadhan betui la..

ngn dpt cek lagik...leh aiman n aisya pau duit raya kat auntie nnt

Cik Kiah said...

terliur lah tgk nasi goreng ni...!!!!

rina said...

kak mira menang lg! kat blog dila tuh..sungguh lucky nye akak..

Em's Family said...

Babybooned: yeah, the no 2 still in question :) emir selalu accident nak nak kalau tengah ralik tengok pocoyo

kirana: sile sile, ikea dekat je kat sini

Cik kiah: kalau macam tu kene belaki cepat, suruh dia masakkan :D

rina: yeah yeah i know, lucky me sekali sekala


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