Monday, September 07, 2009

Entry makanan

Emir batuk, Emir selsema, so we decided to stay at home during the weekends. Luckily we already bought baju raya the week before so tak de lah kelam kabut mane. I love weekends and I dont mind to laze around at home. You know, i remember ever since I was a kid, I never named the house as "boring", jarang jugak la i cakap "boring duduk rumah, tak tau buat ape". Cos i have a lot of things to do!! i mean seriously..

and the best part.. i love my kitchen, be it a small kitchen, but i love to stay for hours in the kitchen, do whatever I want to do.

Of course I thought I wanted to do some baking lah kan but unfortunately telur habis.. so, tunjuk laa gambar gambar what did I cooked for berbuka. Actually i rarely upload gambar gambar lauk pauk ok :) sebab segan huhu..

Before that, you see hubby has been unofficially appointed as "pembuat air" and he really did a great job. Everyday, we will drink a real healthy and fresh fruit juice without fail and terasa lah kesihatannya..

Apple juice from Mr. Husband..
Ok ni first time buat caramel, and jadi.. (pisah i did author the recipe lah.. sebab macam keras je) sorry gambar tak lawa, yang lopong lopong tu sebab bagi Emir makan dulu
Sup sayur
Pegedil / Bergdil (mane satu haa)..
Mushroom goreng - kegermaran Emir
Roasted chicken - honey..
Simple kan.. :)

Oh happy Birthday kepada kawan baik ku juga.. Nur Iryani :) aka Mrs. Farid.. Muah muah!!
Dod!! ex desk mate mase kat jasin :) Happy Birthday!!

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