Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thousand apologize cos I have rejected few comments for the below entry which relates to the insructor except for Puan Asiah, since I really like her point.. Yes, it just a place where I can express everything inside this "small" brain..

Anyway, here is the picture of Emir's first baking project. He told me that this is my birthday cake :) The color pencils are the candles. He called it as Banana cake, ye ye itu adalah kerepek pisang Rizal yang sedap itu :p And seriously, I dunno where he gets this idea.


kirana said...

haaa reject komen kite..huhuhuhu majuk aaa ..kecik hati i ..kikikiki

siap letak kerepek pisang..hehe imaginasi yg bagus :)

Ibu Emir said...

huhuu, jangan laa marah puan ana. yang itu saje, ahahaha


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