Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teaching may sound like an easy job but it is as tough like any other job around the globe. Having said that, it is not a job well-suited everyone as it requires passion to educate people. Being a teacher, you have to expect that some of the students are not the excellent student, and therefore a teacher has to mold the future in the class.

I always believe that a teacher regardless whether you are as a teacher, lecturer or intructor is "ibarat lilin yang menerangi alam", I dont know how to translate it in English. I remembered when I was a lecturer, I always received "funny" questions from them, but guess what, I love students who asked questions especially Malaysian students tend to avoid asking questions.

And yes, this is my honest confession. I have never treated any single question as stupid question.

Anyway, I was having a whole day training today. The topic was tax planning, yes it is very wide scope. Sorry Pisah and Naz I lied to both of you today :), I woke up very early in the morning today just to equip myself with the materials and familiar with some laws and Public Rulings.

But yes, since the topic is very wide scope, I dont really know where to focus and end up I was not mentally prepared. But, I do have in my mind to ask one question which I really wanted to ask a long time ago, so here I thought, since the training will be only attended by my peers (all experienced seniors), so it is no harm and tak malu lah nak tanye soalan.

And yes, before I asked that question, I keep asking myself whether I should or should not asked that question, and there you go, after ten slides (if Im not mistaken), I raise my hands and asked the question that I really wanted to know for years. Why? before, i clearly remember that my partner asked me that question and I failed to answer, that time when I was still a staff. Ok lah fair enough, I pun for so many years, didnt bother to ask around.

Oh, in case you are wondering what question. It is about Retir*ement Gra*tuity. Many of my colleagues have had the chance to experience the real case in understanding the calculation of the above topic but I am not.

Yeah, I know that time I was just like sangat sangat idiot and joker in the class, but I dont care, cos I just wanted to learn, but not until when the instructor directly said to me in front of everyone

"Mira, I am surprised that you ask that question"

It was like a bullet shot right to my heart. Ish makan hati tau, seriously makan hati. I tahu lah i tak pandai, tak competent, low technical skills and whatsoever you want to name it, but is the training session is the time for you to develop yourself? I know I can always ask my peers, but since the manager is in front of me and I am free to ask, why not? Terus rase macam rendah diri sebesar semut. Entahlah, in the situation that when I was a lecturer, I would say "at least she asked if she is in doubt".

Then, I did asked another few questions and I get another two SAME remarks because of that, and yes, it just indicate to the instructor that I didn't prepare. But im quite ok compared to the above, since I was not totally bothered pun since i already did some mistakes.

Well, my hubby told me "Sebab tu, orang-orang macam tu tak boleh jadi lecturer"

Anyway, it just another frustation of mine that I would love to share. In case in the future or you are currently doing coaching and training session, please do not give any kind of remarks to your students / attendees as it is the easiest way to demotivate people.

Anyway, on a happier note, my twin (Puan Nurhana) has safely delivered a healthy baby weighing at 2.8kg at Gombak Medical Centre. Name pun sodapp!! Aleesya Farhana (is that how you spell??) Muke sebijik macam Acap, kuat betul baka Acap ni.. But Hana's mother told me that her hair looks like her mother (hana), rambut lebat gitu.. Sorry la gambar pun tak cun :)..

Comel kan comel kan


mommy nazeef said...

hana dah deliver bb?cute!
kem salam kat die tau.CONGRATS!!..cube tanyer ingat lagi x kat norish?hahaha...

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

Yes, you are indeed true, not everyone can be a lecturer. As in your case, your instructor tu pun seemed like actually tak layak pun jadi instructor. Orang macam tu jadi bos boleh, jadi cikgu tak boleh. Bos boleh senang-senang expect orang bawah tahu every single thing, but an instructor kena expect not everybody knows everything.

As in my case, I am doing law. Of course terlalu banyak soalan, and most of them are controversial. I respect my coursemates who always come up with pom-pom questions. But it always turns out that lecturer akan cakap, "I tak boleh respond lebih-lebih in class, because the wall has ears, I terikat dengan macam-macam policy. If you are really interested to discuss about it, please come to my room..."


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