Monday, August 10, 2009

Emir during one of his breasfeeding session.. nampak tak dia nangis, sebab mak dia before tu tak nak bagi dia nyusu..

Venue: Ibu's house
Date: 9 August 2009

I think now is the best time for Emir to stop breastfeeding and the best time for me to teach him how to stop. Yes yes, I know I should have done this earlier, I mean at least a year back. But im just not ready and I still can stand the longest hour in feeding time.

But now, I think the time is up especially the rows of his teeth dah macam gigi dracula.. hahaha, sakit woo..

So yesterday, with all determination walaupun a bit kesian, i applied butter around the area, you know what area lah kan :). i mean a lot!!

and this is what happened

"Ibu, i want kuku ibu"
Si emir terus stop nyusu sambil mulut dia duk ketap ketap bibir and I couldnt stop laughing tapi still tahan lah
"eh what happen emir"
"i dont know, i want another one" -- he referred to another part. Thank God, I did applied the butter to both areas.

Dia pun start la nyusu and he stopped, sambil jilat jilat bibir dia.
"Ha wat happen Emir"
"I dont know, kuku ibu masham"

hahahhahaha.. mule lah dia start guling-guling tak dapat candu dia and I just ignored, i think after 30 minutes,

"Ibu, i want to try one more time"

But still, he couldnt get the same result.. hahaha. so i told him

"Emir dah big boy, sebab tu susu dah tak best"
and he said
"Why Emir dah big boy?"
"Cos your hand, feet is growing, cer tengok semua dah besar"

and he slept i dunno for how many hours he spent golek sane golek sini, but at least he managed to sleep kan.. boleh pun..

im going to do the same method again today..


Mummy Rizq said...

Rizq stopped when he was 3... Susah sket. tapi OK ..

kirana said...

sedihhhh ooo time tu ...sob sob sob
tp terpaksa buat jugak
kite letak garam..sekali kena dah takmau lagik
tp menitis gak la airmata ni tgk dia dok kuis2 garam bg clear

Ibu Emir said...

Mummy Rizq: macam mane u stop kan dia? any tips?

kirana: sedih jugak, tapi mira dah cukup besar mamat tu.. he must always have first time kan

..tora.. said...

cam comel je emirrr..


my sis still breastfeed sampai dpt adik..baru si abang berenti..:)

Ibu Emir said...

tora: itu lah, tpai emir ni pun dah 3 tahun, nak nampak bayang nampak adik jauh sekali :)

im_an_ibu said...


i stopped breastfeed iman since i felt sgt lemah xigt bile br 3 mths preggy. feels like she's sucking my energy. b4 that tried to stop by applying black pepper at that area. n bile kasi kat iman, she just suck it delicously mcm xde efek pon black pepper tuh ke die. mase tuh kesian gak tgk die tp skang sbb mmg xlarat sgt nak bf die, mmg i totally stop giving her eventhough die merengek. last2 die mintak peluk je or sondol2 at my b**bs.. huhuhuh...

JOELY said...

hihihi..igt mira dah stop lama...chihihi..Aqil i letak asam jawa...kihkihkih....1 week jer..terus xnak....

siti nurbaiya said...

good idea :P

BabyBooned said...

MUAHAHAHAHAAA...mira!! u ni kelakar betol lah!!!

whatever it is, the butter was an awesome idea ye! let us know about his progress, okies?


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