Saturday, August 29, 2009

Candid - Giveaway Contest

Sorry for the non stoppable contest entry, well I could not resist the temptation of not joining the contest, since most of it based on luck and the best part, no slogan is required like any normal contest organized by reputable Company.

So, Zieha - is organizing her first giveaway in celebrating her birthday, but err not to sure yang ke berape.. heheh tak announce pun Zieha hehehe :) What she wants us to is to post a candid picture and yes it is quite challenging to search for Candid pictures since most of our pictures are safely save in external hard drives which I seriously dont know where Mr. Hubby keeps it.

And finally, I found this picture taken at my mum's friend Hari Raya open house last year. Ape tu, itu adalah ABC - Ais Batu Campur, ya da ya da.. I know it is NO NO NO ice for Emir but tak pe lah once a while, I allow him to taste that another sweet Malaysian delicacy.. and yes, kiterang tak posing pun -- eh you think Emir nak posing macam ni, tak de nyer.. Actually this is one of all time my favorite pictures sebab 1st it is a candid and secondly it shows the bonding between the mother and son..

So Zieha ade can tak??

On a related note, err ade orang tanye, ape resipi chocolate tu. err malu jugak sebenarnyer, sebab tak de lah sedap mane pun, sebab main belasah je kan, my sister said, its too big for a chocolate and muak sikit.. so kalau kate anda nak buat silalah campurkan cocoa butter sikit and tambah fresh milk banyak banyak sikit..  Ini adalah resipi belasah saya ok, please assist me as well if you encounter any missing ingredients

310 gm chocolate
30gm shortening
1/4 cup of fresh milk
few almond nuts ker, ape2 nuts la - ni masuk mase dalam mould tu, care nak masuk, tekan gune garpu or sudu masuk dalam chocolate, kalau tak nanti dia timbul..

ok.. good luck :)


zieha said...

salam kenal mira,

wokeh zieha sedang check ur N3 n all WELLDONE:)
tks ya for joining

kirana said...

semoga berjaya
gambar mmg cantik dah..mmg kena..2 beranak tgh sama2 suap abc serentak buak mulut

Em's Family said...

hai zieha: salam kenal. so ade can tak :)

kirana: saje suke suke masuk je :)


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